Digital banking case studies:
driving success for banks and credit unions

We use more than the nation’s fastest growing cloud-based digital banking platform to drive digital success for our clients. Our case studies show how we identify the unique goals of our clients and successfully design customized strategies to attain and exceed those goals.

Mark Hufnagel Stephen Bohanon client case study

Kailey Fluegel

VP, Application Support

Vibrant Credit Union

“Alkami provides us with an innovative solution that our members enjoy and works with us for new features and implementations. Alkami’s platform is so easy to use, rich in features and flexible. Not just for our members, but for our employees as well.”

Chad Rogers client case study

Chad Rogers

Chief Marketing and Member Experience Officer

Connexus Credit Union

“Today, our member experience is fully connected — we simply could not have done this without Alkami.”

Kevin WIlbanks client case study

Kevin Wilbanks

eBanking Support Analyst

Advantis Credit Union

“Just make sure you have a partner like Alkami that knows what they are doing. A partner that has a disciplined process in place to guide you through the journey successfully. Without Alkami, we would have been flying blind.”

Mike Mikkelson headshot

Mike Mikkelson


Educators Credit Union

“You might say that we underestimated our member’s appetite for digital banking. But when they saw how easy and flexible Alkami was to use, our utilization rate went through the roof.”

Cindy Dickey and Stephen Bohanon client case study

Cindy Dickey


Fairmont Federal Credit Union

“By providing us with expert guidance, the team at Alkami has helped expand our thinking, provided us with best practices, and strengthened the relationships we have formed with our members.”

Scott Rabe client case study

Scott Rabe

VP of Digital Development

Spokane Teachers Credit Union

“With Alkami’s SDK, we can quickly spin up third-party apps, integrate new apps and add new features across multiple platforms and devices. It is pretty amazing and it doesn’t matter if you have an entire software development department like we do at STCU, or you are just about to hire your first developer. With the SDK, you have the ability to rapidly add to and enhance Alkami’s platform to meet your member’s needs.”

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