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Intuitive treasury management solutions for banks & credit unions

Financial institutions that have better treasury management solutions can win the business operating account from megabanks and regional banks. We help you achieve this by ensuring that our platform makes transacting simple and safe for your business clients.

Turn payment fraud prevention into a profit center

Our treasury management solutions help banks and credit unions prevent fraud, increase revenue, and ensure safety for their commercial and business accounts. With our core and digital banking-agnostic solution, your organization can eliminate operational inefficiencies caused by outdated paper processes. It also simplifies enrollment of business users, which can lead to increased profits and user adoption.

Positive Pay for check & ACH

Give controllers, treasury professionals, and business owners control to protect their businesses with intuitive cash management solutions. Positive Pay helps businesses prevent unauthorized ACH and check payments by sending alerts for quick authorization of transactions. Strengthen ties with businesses, increase profits for your financial institution, and minimize losses for your organization and business clients.

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ACH Returns & Notifications of Change

ACH Returns & Notifications of Change

The ACH Returns and NOCs solution promptly notifies users of returned ACH transactions or incorrect payment details.

Business account holders need current information and the option to export it in different digital formats. This is important for them to promptly respond and make necessary adjustments. Automating ACH NOCs and returns to originators saves time and protects against future volume increases in the back office.

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EDI Translation

EDI Translation

Translate complex Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) remittance information embedded in ACH transactions and automatically notify treasury management and other clients when payments arrive.

Business account holders can access and download banking EDI in various digital formats. These formats include 820, 835, PPD+ SSA, and Free Form addenda. By doing so, they can automate accounting processes and enhance operational efficiency.

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Transaction Origination Security

Transaction Origination Security

Stopping corporate account takeover has been a major concern for financial institutions and their business accounts in recent years. Fraudsters often target wire and ACH payments, so these channels need extra protection.

Ensure that your organization is prepared for common attacks. You can do this by implementing a proactive plan. The plan should include wire and ACH verification as well as out-of-band authentication.

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Treasury Management Solutions

Alkami is revolutionizing treasury management. FIs using this solution have experienced:

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Transactions Monitored
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Client Testimonial

Kennebec Savings Bank

Hear from Kennebec Savings Bank about why they chose to partner with Alkami for retail and business banking and how their recent implementation stacks up against their previous platform.

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We enable banks, credit unions and fintech’s to stay ahead of the game in an evolving digital environment.

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Accelerate account holder acquisition with a mobile-first account opening experience that can be completed in three minutes or less.


Track performance through easy-to-use business intelligence dashboards to improve competitiveness and business results.


Leverage our technology ecosystem designed for scalability, extensibility, and security.

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