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Transaction Data Cleansing

Unlock the power of cleansed data

Transaction data cleansing is a critical tool that allows financial institutions to better understand behaviors and model spend patterns through customer transaction analysis.

Clean data with human-supervised AI

Here’s how we clean your transaction data accurately and fast. Alkami’s team of advanced-degreed library scientists provide human-supervised AI to train and quality-check machine-based merchant detection. We identify, tag, and categorize all of your transactions, including credit card, debit card, ACH, bill pay, and more. A combination of transaction data cleansing and categorization techniques produce highly accurate results for global, national, regional, and local merchants.

Transaction Enrichment

Transactions stored in a data warehouse can be appended with enriched metadata from merchant payment cleansing to enable faster and more meaningful reporting and insights.

Much more than an MCIF (Marketing Customer Information File), our data and marketing solutions make financial services marketing automation possible.

Artificial Intelligence & Modeling​

Using artificial intelligence in banking, with inputs from our industry leading Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLIs®), gives financial institutions of all sizes access to cutting-edge off the shelf or custom models to predict and influence any audience.

Statement Cleansing & Enhanced CX Experience

Online banking platforms have become increasingly important in recent years as more and more people conduct their financial transactions online.

Give your account holders a 5-star personalized banking experience within your online banking platform, starting with clean transaction descriptions.

Targeted Financial Services Marketing

With accurately cleansed, tagged and categorized transaction data, financial institutions can deliver personalized messaging to the right audience at the right time.

These campaigns can support a wide variety of strategic objectives such as: customer retention, credit card marketing, competitive analysis to increase share of wallet, cross sell and more.

Unify the banking journey​

Alkami’s financial services marketing helps you and your account holders grow strategically.

AI Predictive Modeling

Artificial intelligence in banking speeds your time to market and provides on-demand access to account holder insights.

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Customer Insights + Marketing Automation

Leverage clean, tagged data to supercharge your financial services marketing automation.

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Customer Insights

Empower your FI to unlock actionable insights about your account holders’ financial behaviors.

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partnering with alkami

Partner Program

Ready to shape the future of digital banking? Alkami’s partner ecosystem pairs the brightest minds in fintech with the most forward-thinking financial institutions on an extensible platform built for scalability. It’s time to pave the way for innovation.

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