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Safeguard your clients' accounts against ACH and check fraud

Give businesses control to monitor fraudulent transactions with Check & ACH Positive Pay and generate revenue for your organization with intuitive cash management solutions.

Minimize the risk of fraudulent activity

Check & ACH Positive Pay is like insurance. It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Easily integrate Alkami’s front-end and back-end treasury management solutions into your preferred digital banking platform to protect your financial institution (FI) and business, commercial, and corporate account holders from tech-savvy fraudsters.

ACH Positive Pay feature on Alkami Treasury Management Solution


Monitor incoming ACH debits and credits

ACH Positive Pay helps users stop incoming unauthorized ACH transactions. Users can easily add companies to their approved list to allow future transactions, block unauthorized companies, or set parameters for transactions such as amount limits, frequency, and start and end dates. 

This self-service cash management solution eliminates the need for the FI to maintain legacy, labor-intensive systems which can be prone to human error.


Detect fraudulent checks

Check Positive Pay scrutinizes check information and automatically alerts users when exceptions are found to help them quickly identify fraudulent or stale-dated checks. Attract businesses looking for innovative fraud mitigation and cash management solutions. Leverage the same technology in-branch to verify checks presented at the teller line to further alleviate losses for your FI.

  • Payee Positive Pay provides your FI with an added level of security to eliminate altered or washed payee names by validating the payee information in addition to the check number and dollar amount. 
  • Reverse Positive Pay provides your FI with a solution for business, commercial, and corporate clients that issue a limited number of checks but are still looking for a tool to mitigate fraud and eliminate uploading check issue files.
Check Positive Pay feature on Alkami Treasury Management Solution
Alkami Account Reconciliation software identifies discrepancies in your business, commercial, and corporate clients accounts


Reconciliation made easy

Account Reconciliation software identifies discrepancies in your business, commercial, and corporate clients’ accounting and ERP systems compared to your FI’s core system. Our cash management solution will give your FI and other account holders visibility to fraudulent transactions or incorrect amounts that have been posted. 

When coupled with Check Positive Pay, your FI can deliver an automated approach to partial, full, and deposit reconcilement which will help your FI eliminate manual processes, reduce the time it takes to perform reconcilement, and allow your business account holders to identify and stop fraud quickly.

Protect Business Accounts with Positive Pay

Fight against check and ACH fraud while generating significant revenue

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