Automated Billing

Automate your revenue stream

Zero billing errors

Managing fees across all of your businesses is time-consuming. Automation significantly reduces the cost associated with complex business billing. With a single platform to originate billable transactions and automatically manage them, financial institutions (FIs) experience zero billing errors. Real-time account analysis ensures everything is always up-to-date. 

Price list billing for small businesses

Easily create and review Nacha-formatted billing files that can be uploaded to your core to automatically charge businesses for billing events that occurred during the previous month. Use unlimited custom price lists to assign a monthly flat fee or charge a fee per billing event for business packages. When your FI acquires a new business account and wants to waive fees for a promotional period, we can automatically capture non-interest fee income when the time is right. 

Account analysis billing for complex businesses

Automatically pass billing events to your business users’ via your account analysis system. Capture non-interest fee income quickly with daily or monthly automated billing using API and file-based transmissions. Leverage the flexibility to add account-level custom pricing and the full power of Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) to incentivize deposit growth.