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Account Origination

Originate New Accounts in 3 Minutes or Less

Seamless digital account opening for banks and credit unions. Eliminate friction from the account origination experience with mobile-first applications and real-time identity verification.

Increase conversions with an online shopping experience

The right digital account opening solution can make all the difference. Educate consumers and businesses with modern website landing pages designed to increase confidence when browsing for financial products, prior to account origination. Create an engaging experience for your target audience while cross-selling products specific to your applicant’s needs.

Simplify your account origination process

Sift out unnecessary, time-intensive steps and in-branch barriers while enhancing your fraud prevention capabilities. With Alkami, FIs can convert users seamlessly via our mobile-first and in-branch account origination experiences.

Onboard users in three minutes or less with an application dynamically configured to the products they have selected. Help users successfully complete their applications with automated messaging on outstanding tasks, requirements for co-applicants, document uploads, and e-signatures.

Deploy an automated decisioning engine

Back-office teams have enough work on their plate. Streamline your financial institution’s operations with real-time identity verification powered by Alkami’s rules-based decisioning engine and non-documentary customer identification methods.

Review applications in a centralized order processing system for deposits with a clear audit history built to improve compliance.

Leverage an ecosystem of integrations

Creating operational efficiencies is easier said than done. We know your time is valuable, which is why we have developed a network of integrations that enables you to do more in less time.

With Alkami, FIs can prevent fraud, dynamically generate documents, offer flexible account funding options, and seamlessly connect with your preferred core provider for real-time account origination.

Deepen the banking relationship, digitally

Encourage users to download your mobile banking app where you can continue cultivating the primary banking relationship. By automatically establishing digital banking credentials and registering users, your new account holders will know they chose the right fit for their financial needs.

Upon successful account origination, financial institutions can continue the onboarding experience and encourage users to push provision new debit cards to their digital wallet from within online banking – enabling users to begin transacting as soon as they are approved.

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