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Account Origination

Accelerate digital onboarding with seamless account origination.

Account Origination Originate New Accounts in 3 Minutes or Less Seamless digital account opening for banks and credit unions. Eliminate friction from the account origination experience with mobile-first applications and real-time identity verification. Let’s do it Increase conversions with an online shopping experience The right digital account opening solution can make all the difference. Educate […]

Alleviating the Student Loan Crisis through Digital Banking

How financial institutions can help individuals recover from student debt with financial wellness tools Over the past decade, student debt has accelerated by 144%, affecting nearly 46 million Americans. In a recent report published by The Bipartisan Policy Center, a DC-based think tank, they explored the four primary causes of the student loan crisis: Lack […]

Achieving top of wallet with buy now pay later

Retail installment plans are not a new concept. The twenty-first century ushered in a new generation of consumers who never experienced the painful waiting game of saving and paying off the purchase of a new winter coat or appliance before bringing it home. As credit card popularity rose among consumers in the 1980s and ‘90s, […]