Reporting & Analytics

Raise your business intelligence

Report. Analyze. Repeat.

Business reports yield valuable insights and help business users spend less time searching for answers. Help businesses keep track of transactions and cash flow, identify trends, and obtain business intelligence when and where they need it. 

Business Reports

Smarter business decisions

Businesses need easily digestible reports and dashboards to develop future forecasts, guide budget planning, and improve decision-making. With a highly configurable dashboard, business users see what matters most to them and can quickly reconcile accounts with their accounting system. 

Custom Reports

Deliver value from the data

Allow business users to create and export CSV custom reports on transaction history, ACH details, and sub user activity to gain actionable insights on their banking activities. When a business account holder creates a custom report, they have the ability to save the report as private or share it with other users in the business.

Business Transaction Limit Management

Manage limits better

With our business transaction limit management dashboard, you can make an informed decision on business limit adjustments while managing all incoming requests easily and securely in a single view. 

ACH Return & Notification of Change

Manage ACH returns

The ACH Return and Notification of Change solution immediately notifies users who originate ACH transactions when an item is returned or the originated payments have incorrect information. Access to real-time information and the ability to export it in a variety of digital formats is critical for businesses to investigate and understand the situation. We understand how important this is for you and especially your business account holders.

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Manage ACH returns