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Customer Service

Every transaction = customer service in action

They’re #1

Being able to shake someone’s hand. The chance to look someone in the eye and smile. These are the traditional high-touch relationships financial institutions (FIs) have been striving to hold on to. Personalized service is what differentiates one FI from the next.

We believe in delivering the best of every experience: where personalized face-to-face relationships meet digital interactions. With Alkami, measure user sentiment and proactively nurture account holder relationships.

Let’s get chatty

The secret to increasing user satisfaction through seamless support experiences isn’t so secret. It’s virtual.

By seamlessly transitioning between AI-powered chatbots and personalized agent interactions, users can get the support they need, via their channel of choice, right when they need it the most. Say hello to 24/7 support with virtual financial assistants. 

Assistance is virtual

The future is AI. We know this. And so do your users. The key to embracing it is ensuring the experience is beneficial, and not a nuisance. Meet users where they are with conversational banking and drive efficiency, automation and effectiveness.

Empower users to perform voice-activated transactions, anytime and through any device. And if users need a little extra help? Just transition over to a live agent. There’s nothing artificial about that.

Advanced notification delivery

Make it easy for users to connect with your brand. By giving users access to their preferred channels, you can extend their access to you, as well as your ability to communicate with them. Drive personalized banking engagements with quick reminders sent via email, push notification, and SMS.

Secure digital vault for documents

Everyone can appreciate a little extra security. Especially when it involves digital banking solutions. With a digital vault, users will have access to an online safety deposit box where sensitive documents can be stored through their trusted financial institution.

Collect, protect, and exchange sensitive information with peace of mind. That’s priceless.

Digital ID & authentication

For us, security is second nature. Enable users to expedite non-digital transactions through their mobile device with push notifications directly in your FI’s mobile app.

With prompted authentication measures, you can eliminate friction and reduce call center costs previously required for verifying users’ transaction activities.