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Security & Fraud Protection

Always on guard

Secure their digital banking experience

Fraud will always be a concern for financial institutions (FIs), regardless of size. The cost of fraud? Well, there’s the monetary loss, but there’s also the damage to an FI’s reputation.

Protect your account holders and ensure a prosperous future with a digital banking platform built to defend. Alkami helps banks and credit unions mitigate the potential impacts of fraudulent events by creating uncompromising levels of security.

We’ve got your back

The start of every great security system is guarding the front door. But what about cyberattacks that come through the back door? By leveraging next-generation artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, FIs can put an end to credential stuffing with bot mitigation.

Safeguard your FI with a system built to uncover threat intelligence, and detect and deactivate phishing, pharming, and malware attacks. Keep the bad stuff out, and the good stuff coming in with a multi-layered security approach defending your users, FI, and technology infrastructure.

What’s the password?

Stop fraudsters in their tracks. Protect account holders with real-time threat assessments focused on reducing overall risk while streamlining the user experience (UX). Now, your FI can continuously monitor a user’s physical and cognitive digital behavior, by analyzing thousands of interactions per session to distinguish between genuine users and cybercriminals.

Detect and mitigate account takeover by observing expert user patterns and lack of data familiarity indicators. This frictionless layer of security helps FIs reduce fraud loss and improve the UX.

Hang up on verification friction

Provide a higher level of security and user confidence with time-based passcodes for multi-factor authentication (MFA). The power is in your hands. With Digital ID, FIs can authenticate users via push notifications to their mobile app – expediting non-digital transactions.

By empowering users with better self-service tools, your FI can decrease call center volume, and increase digital engagement, loyalty, and account holder satisfaction.

Gain peace of mind

Monitor fraud on a regular basis using your data. Reduce risk by regularly reviewing security dashboards displaying data broken down by MFA reports, security events, and logins. Give users peace of mind knowing their FI is monitoring their accounts daily.

FIs utilizing Alkami’s Security Reports & Dashboards will find rich data analytics. And as we often say, turn insights into action.

Platform security built to scale

As FIs advance security measures, cybercriminals become more creative with their fraud tactics. Take a proactive approach to fraud prevention and deploy a future-proofed security strategy dedicated to preserving the integrity of your FI.

Working on custom development? Rest assured that we apply the Alkami security standard throughout the SDK submission process. In fact, each SDK submission is reviewed by our team to ensure platform security is maintained in the deployment of new features.