Money Movement

Be the center of their financial universe

Money movement starts here

Offer direct in-app access to innovative solutions your users have been searching for. We’ve designed a central hub for your users to access a multitude of money movement tools, all in one place – from traditional wire transfers to market-leading real-time payments (RTP). It’s all here.

Faster deposits, faster funds, and a faster method of earning PFI status. Increase engagement and reduce processing costs with remote deposit capture (RDC) enabling users to deposit checks on their mobile devices.

Verification. Instantly.

Safeguard against risk and increase user adoption with instant account verification. Give account holders the seamless digital experience they’ve come to expect when linking external accounts for making transfers, while you take comfort in accurately confirming their account ownership and financial information.

All things digital payments

Put control into users’ hands by enabling them to view billing information, select a recipient, choose a delivery time, and initiate the payment on their preferred method – online & mobile channels, voice-enabled devices, and interactive messaging.

Empower users with instant loan and bill payments using their favorite debit card. Time for a smarter bill pay experience.

P2P payments go mobile

Have you heard of Zelle? Your users have. Empower users with even more flexibility by giving them the option to make Zelle P2P transactions directly within your digital banking app.

You’ll be able to access third-party data and boost engagement simply by giving your users a convenient reason not to go elsewhere to make these transactions.

A new revenue source: cryptocurrency

Rather than seeing money leave your FI for a crypto trading platform, look for a way to capitalize on consumer demand and keep money flowing within your institution.

Powered by leading cryptocurrency APIs, users can conveniently buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin directly in the online banking platform, stay updated on Bitcoin market value, and benefit from crypto education.

A customizable AND scalable future

When innovation is in constant demand, FIs must evolve to meet expectations. To help FIs future-proof their competitive strategy, Alkami has created a partner ecosystem that enables FIs to plug and play modern fintech solutions.

Utilize a network of money movement solutions to facilitate RTPs, loan payments, electronic disbursements, and more!