Generate Revenue

Reach Your Profitability Potential

Seize opportunities to increase profits and revenues – all while providing exceptional service to your users.

Relationships Drive Revenue

By 2028, the global digital banking market size is estimated to surpass $10.3 trillion*. To effectively prepare for, and navigate this growth, your financial institution (FI) must be equipped with a strategy to provide both exceptional service and generate sales to keep your FI profitable and growing.


Explore the Possibilities

To help FIs transform their digital banking solution into a revenue generator, Alkami has identified opportunities for you to branch into new revenue streams and lower operational costs.

Capture Non-Interest Income

When it comes to payments and transfers, users value convenience, choice and control.

This creates a number of opportunities to offer fee-based services and transactions that will generate revenue for your FI, including real-time payments fees and interchange fees.

Stand Up Business Non-Interest Income

Did you know, businesses are willing to pay for the right capabilities and experiences? This is especially true for ones that save them time, increase convenience, and improve overall efficiency.

Consider offering business packages as a way to cross-sell additional products and services, strengthen relationships, and increase your fee income.

Make Your Data Profitable

Did you know that you can leverage your existing transaction data and turn it into profit? Discover your data’s untapped potential and effortlessly unlock new revenue streams with AI and automation.

Take the guesswork out of marketing and target the right offers to the right people at the right time with personalized marketing campaigns, to increase product adoption and ROI.

Cross-Sell New Products

Does your FI have a plan to effectively engage single-product account holders? Develop interest in checkings, savings, money market, and certificate of deposit accounts by providing informative product detail pages, branded to your FI.

Leverage a digital storefront to cross-sell additional products based on the needs of the user.

Acquire New Users & Deposits

How is your institution attracting new users and bringing in new deposits? By making the digital account opening and onboarding process as easy as possible, you can accelerate acquisition efforts, create back office efficiencies, and lower operational costs.


Identify Interchange Income Opportunities in Your Transaction Data

Be the “go-to” credit or debit card for your account holders. The Data ROI Potential Dashboard analyzes users’ competitive credit card payments, recurring payments, and Buy Now Pay Later purchases and reveals insights your FI can use to best position yourself as the primary FI. Achieve top of wallet status by reaching out to these users to offer your own credit card with competitive rates.

Is Your Digital Transformation Designed to Drive Revenue?

Learn how to transform digital banking into a profit center for your FI.

Alkami Solutions

AI Predictive Modeling

Tap into data insights to uncover users who would benefit from personalized offers, direct deposit, and RDC.

Commercial Banking

Attract and retain business accounts, increase deposits, drive recurring revenue, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Customer Insights & Marketing Automation

Use insights to extend new services and products to the right users at the right time.

Digital Account Opening

Attract and convert new and existing retail and business account holders.

Digital Cards

Drive interchange income and card utilization at tap-to-pay & e-commerce sites by push provisioning cards to digital wallets – keeping you top of wallet.

Money Movement

Capture fee-based income from real-time payments, credit card transactions and more.

Alkami Partners


Enable instant account-to-account transfers, so their money is in the right place when they need it.


Deliver targeted offers for loan products that drive revenue based on credit score data.


Help business owners get paid, manage cash flow, and automate accounting by embedding invoicing and payment acceptance directly into digital banking.


Consolidate bill pay functionality and reduce time to action with an intuitive UX.

Jack Henry

Meet the growing demand for real-time payments with proven, frictionless solutions.

Neural Payments

Provide a simple and safe approach that embeds P2P services directly within your app.


Expand your payment options, generate interchange income and grow bill pay as a profit center.


Identify users for more personalized cross-selling with targeted marketing, offers, and promotions.


Empower cardholders to place their credit and debit cards as the default payment method wherever they shop and pay online.


Unlock the full potential of homeowners by leveraging property data to identify new lending opportunities, gain a competitive edge, and process loans faster. 


Grow your FI with help from Alkami