Privacy Practice

At Segmint, we practice safeguarding information. On this page, we explain how we collect, use and share personal information when you do business with us.
When We Do Business

Every business interacts with outside individuals and third parties every day. Segmint is no exception. We buy goods and services and we are an employer. When you contact us, any personal information you provide is voluntary. We collect and use the minimum information necessary to respond to your requests. Below are the few cases in which we collect information:

There are times when it is appropriate for any business, including Segmint, to share this voluntary information. We do this when it is only absolutely necessary for us to conduct our business. The most frequent reason Segmint shares personal information is because we are an employer. We share personal information:


Our clients generally have a significant amount of personal information about their customers. Our clients DO NOT provide us, nor do we accept, any of their customers‘ personally identifiable information including name, address, telephone number, email address, account numbers, expiration dates, service codes, etc. We safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the client data that is entrusted to us. We do not own, disclose, share, aggregate, sell, or use client data in any way other than what is specified in our contracts with our clients.


Segmint is a leader in delivering targeted advertising over the Internet. Like many media companies, we have integrated our service to millions of websites around the world. What makes Segmint unique is our ability to retain control over the targeted delivery of advertisements over the Internet. To safe guard personal information we have built something we call the “One Way Trust” to the Internet. Segmint does not use or share any non-public personal information during the delivery of our services. The One Way Trust is a major breakthrough in providing a safer and more relevant Internet experience.


We use cookies in the delivery of our services. Your Segmint cookie helps you have a better and more relevant experience on the Internet. This cookie does not contain any personally identifiable information. We treat your Segmint cookie as your personal non-public information. Your Segmint cookie is exclusive to you only. We do not buy, sell or trade Segmint cookies. You will only receive a Segmint cookie by visiting one of our Client’s websites or our website.


You have choices in managing your online experience. You have the ability to “opt-out” of some third-party marketing and advertising with your financial institution, retailer or insurance agency. Contact your financial institution for more information. We honor the opt-out choices you make through your financial institution. If you are a Segmint client, you have the ability to opt out of our advertisements below.

To learn more please read about our Privacy Policy.


To opt out of receiving ads from Segmint or Segmint’s clients on the Open Internet, please click here.

Upon opting out, Segmint will assign an Opt Out KLI to your Segmint ID which will prevent Segmint from serving targeted media to you on the Open Internet.

To learn more about Internet advertising, and to access the opt outs of other online advertising companies, visit the Network Advertising Initiative Opt Out page: