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Marketing made easy for banks and credit unions

Activate everyday transaction data to drive marketing strategy and results, without the need for an IT request.

*Previously known as Segmint

Drive revenue with real-time data at your fingertips

Today, financial institutions are tasked with knowing what account holders need even before they do. It’s kind of like you’re expected to have a crystal ball to predict their needs. But you have all the information you need to deeply understand your account holders: their transaction data. 

Real-time transaction data is a great predictor of what account holders are going to do next. With Alkami Data & Marketing Solutions, you can activate insights from your account holders’ transaction data, without assistance from IT. Rest assured your account holder data is safe — Alkami tools do not require account holder personally identifiable information (PII).

Customer Insights & Marketing Automation​

With Alkami Customer Insights & Marketing Automation, you can create hyper-personalized, revenue-driving marketing campaigns within minutes, without waiting on IT to give you the data. And the revenue generated from these campaigns can be used to fund other initiatives within your FI. Marketing is no longer a cost center, but a significant profit generator.

Transaction Data Cleansing

What account holders spend money on every day highlights what’s important to them. That’s why insights built from transaction data are key to executing personalized campaigns that drive revenue. Alkami’s Transaction Data Cleansing service transforms complex transaction descriptions into simple merchant names, categories, and logos. Our library science methodology blends human and machine capabilities for the fastest and most accurate data enhancement available.

AI Predictive Modeling

It wasn’t long ago artificial intelligence (AI) seemed futuristic. Now, AI in banking is officially mainstream as use cases mature from nice-to-have into day-to-day capabilities that offer concrete benefits and savings. Accurately anticipate your account holders’ financial journeys with efficiency, speed, and insights. Use out-of-the box or custom predictive models within weeks, making AI attainable for any size bank or credit union.

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Alkami is revolutionizing data analytics and engagement. FIs using this solution have experienced:

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KLIs assigned to account holders to describe their unique financial journey

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