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Financial Wellness

Help users reach financial zen

The right partner for a financial wellness journey

Today’s digital banking users engage with a variety of apps to help them manage and measure their finances. We can do better. Through financial wellness technology, we keep your users secure, within your digital banking experience.

There’s no need for them to explore elsewhere when all the tools for financial wellness are already right at their fingertips. How’s that for growing institutional loyalty?

Plan for a future, backed by data

With Account Aggregation, gain insights about users’ external financial holdings to better position yourself as their primary financial institution.

The Platform’s Transaction Data Enrichment (TDE) and categorization capabilities contextualize transaction data sets to help develop a successful data strategy based on insights, and provide a clear view of users’ spending habits.

Do more with credit score

Peace of mind and personal finances? You probably haven’t heard of it, until now. Offer users reporting and credit management solutions with credit score monitoring, credit factors, credit utilization, and ongoing education.

Provide users with a better banking experience where they can check surface scores upon log-in, receive real-time score updates, and rest easy knowing their digital identity is being monitored for them.

Give them options

Create financially stable, engaged users by offering financial education, recommendations, and wellness tools. With financial literacy comes higher credit bands. When users are in need of borrowing options, let them know they’ve come to the right place.

Deliver personalized, targeted loan offerings, expanding your product target markets and driving growth.

Save a little, save a lot

Help users track and realize their savings potential with personalized tools featuring auto-categorized transactions and recurring spending insights, powered by Transaction Data Enrichment (TDE).

Gain unique insights into users’ financial goals by engaging with savings goals and savings goals progress. So, what does this mean for your users? An increase in personal financial management (PFM) within digital banking.

By utilizing personalized insights, FIs can create successful data strategies to develop self-driving finance and financial wellness for their users.


Support account holders when they need you most

When consumers use high-risk fintech products, such as cash advance and paycheck advance services, you should be there to provide safer options. Available only to Alkami digital banking clients, the Data ROI Potential Dashboard identifies users who adopt these services.

To protect their financial wellness, contact these users to offer financial options that introduce less risk and improve their financial wellbeing through education and actionable advice.

Support account holders when they need you most


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