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Deposit Growth

Drive Deposit Growth

Combat deposit outflow and account holder attrition with future-proofed, deposit-raising strategies that can be activated in the online banking platform.

Become their primary FI with deposit-raising strategies

Navigating the changing tides of economic cycles, financial institutions (FIs) find themselves in need of deposits as they lean heavily into their loan portfolio. Consumers and business owners are overwhelmed with attractive offers and flashy interest rates now more than ever.

Meanwhile, financial providers saturate the market trying to attain the hard-earned, primary banking relationship. Now the question becomes clear, how can FIs grow deposits while delivering the personalization and quality of service today’s account holders expect within the online banking platform?

Show me the money

To help FIs drive deposit growth, Alkami has identified the following opportunities to successfully overcome challenges with:

Acquiring New Deposits
How is your institution bringing in new deposits? Amid a rising rate environment, FIs may have experienced an outflow of deposits, depleting cash flow and lending operations. Not every FI has the resources to offer competitive interest rates or sign-up bonuses, making it difficult to attract new account holders. Here’s where you can compete on experience.
Cross-Selling Additional Products
What strategy has your FI deployed to drive product adoption among existing account holders? Time and time again, FIs gain a new account holder who is looking for an attractive loan offer for their vehicle. But what happens when that loan is paid off and the user becomes disengaged? There’s an opportunity with single product account holders.
Offering Direct Deposit
How is your FI facilitating a seamless direct deposit setup? Gone are the days of lengthy, paper processes. If it’s not digital and intuitive, odds are consumers will abandon the process. When people earn their money, they want it instantly.
Enabling Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)
How do users deposit checks at your FI? You may be losing out on primary banking relationships if account holders are reliant on physical locations to deposit their checks, or experiencing friction in the digital channel.

Digital Account Opening

Attract and convert new and existing retail and business depositors.

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Business Banking

More than 50% of businesses define their PFI relationship by where they hold their deposit account.

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Quick Apply

Drive conversions by enabling existing account holders to seamlessly open up new savings accounts or CDs.

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Savings Goals

Empower users to set goals and encourage savings with new deposits.

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Customer Insights & Marketing Automation

Identify the right audience for a targeted marketing campaign, then deliver that personalized engagement through digital banking.

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AI Predictive Modeling

Tap into data insights to uncover users who would benefit from personalized offers, direct deposit, and RDC.

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