AI Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling for FIs of all sizes

It starts with better, cleaner data.

Everyday purchase behaviors are extremely predictive of a customer’s financial priorities. We take account holder transaction data and assign KLIs® (Key Lifestyle Indicators®), describing their financial behaviors, spend patterns, and activity with competing institutions. KLIs are an ideal input into AI predictive models because they represent a holistic view of the account holder, while solving the most difficult and time consuming part of data science — cleansing and normalizing data.
A model for any size FI
You don’t have to be a large financial institution to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence. Empower your FI with AI and predictive analytics, optimizing every interaction to unlock greater ROI. Our data science experts can build and deploy custom predictive models for any size FI with incredible speed and scale, using the full universe of KLIs to identify the behavior you want to predict.
Deploy AI with continuous optimization
Our AI Modeling delivers continuous optimization, with on-demand access to model results. Observe the data produced by customers daily to determine impact of spend on future behaviors.
Convert everyday data into relevant engagements
Help your FI make sense of all the data produced by your customers every day. Deployed alongside a full suite of KLIs, your FI is equipped with the predictive intelligence to power a multitude of multi-channel engagement options and automation, while driving informed decisions about your marketing spend and strategies.

Unify the banking journey

Alkami insights help you and your customers grow strategically.

Transaction Data Cleansing

Build trust in your transactional data and make better decisions with our data cleansing and financial data quality management tools.

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Customer Insights + Marketing Automation

Leveraging your clean, tagged data, we help you deeply understand your customers and where you can strategically grow with them.

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