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Powering growth with data analytics in banking

Understand the behaviors of all account holders through data analytics in banking. Drive innovation by identifying opportunities for new offerings and optimizing existing services to better cater to evolving customer demands.

Turn data into insights with data analytics in banking
Data analytics in banking from everyday transactions

Utilize clean, tagged data to uncover actionable insights

Surveys show data scientists spend about 40% of their time on data preparation and cleansing. With so much time spent getting the data ready, analysts have less time to do what really matters – turning data into insights. Using our patented AI-driven analytics, Alkami’s Customer Insights combines transaction insights with product adoption and usage. From these insights, financial institutions can gain a deeper understanding of account holders.

Democratize your banking data with a flexible data accessibility framework. Access a full suite of REST API endpoints to integrate with existing tools, such as business intelligence, customer relationship management and other client-facing tools in your tech stack. Schedule batch extracts of Customer Insights data to fuel your account holder engagement custom development.


Turn data analytics in banking into actionable promotions

Account holders expect personalized experiences from every digital interaction. To make informed recommendations at the right time in your digital banking solution, deep account holder insight is required. Alkami’s market-leading solution for data analytics in banking combines core data and transaction data. This provides insight into account holders’ life events and financial behaviors for more tailored digital experiences.

Deposit Growth

Discover opportunities for deposit growth

Get more deposits

In a high interest rate environment, financial institutions must attract more deposits. Data analytics in banking empower you to capture more deposits from your account holders.

Focus on your most engaged account holders

It’s easier to get deposits from engaged account holders. Find your most engaged account holders, and focus outreach on the account holders most likely to adopt your products.

Increase deposits with data analytics in banking
Improve card utilization with data analytics in banking

Card Utilization

Promote card utilization with data analytics in banking

Capture more interchange revenue with card utilization

When lending declines, financial institutions must find other sources of non-fee income, such as using your institution’s debit or credit card for subscription payments.

Promote your card for monthly cell phone bills

Identify account holders who don’t use your institution’s card to pay their cell phone bill. Then promote the benefits of using your card for monthly bills to these account holders.

PFI status

Achieve primary financial institution status

Cross-sell to existing account holders

Pursue PFI status with cross-sell opportunities from data analytics in banking. Cross-sell with confidence to gain more transaction accounts and savings deposits.

Use competitive intelligence

Use Alkami Customer Insights to compare the products account holders have with you and the products they have with your competitors. These insights spotlight opportunities to win-back your share of wallet.

Achieve primary financial institution status with data analytics in banking

Unify the banking journey

Alkami’s financial services marketing helps you and your account holders grow strategically.

Transaction Data Cleansing

Make better decisions with transaction data cleansing and financial data quality management tools.

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Customer Insights + Marketing Automation

Leverage clean, tagged data to supercharge your financial services marketing automation.

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AI Predictive Modeling

Artificial intelligence in banking speeds your time to market and provides on-demand access to account holder insights.

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