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Business Administration

Complexity when you want it, simplicity when you need it

Put businesses in charge

Business owners know the importance of delegating tasks and sharing responsibilities among their team. The Alkami Platform allows business owners to determine the right balance of separation of duties, ensuring work gets done quickly and efficiently, while limiting the risks associated with granting too much authority to users. Give businesses the flexibility they need to make important decisions with real-time notifications and full control over sub user privileges.

With Alkami’s business banking solution, your FI can spend less time thinking about your back office and more time growing stronger relationships with your account holders. Alleviate the daily headache of managing online business banking and make it a simple and streamlined process for your financial institution (FI) and the business owner.

Organizational control like never before

Make managing sub users like a walk in the park. Businesses can quickly and easily create sub users, reset passwords, clone permissions, and view account access – all while maintaining full control over user permissions. Dual authorization ensures that transactions requiring approval are acted on by the appropriate person, and businesses can easily grant, unlock, or revoke permissions as needed. 

Manage beyond the limit

Streamline the process for managing limits and stay informed with real-time notifications when decisions are made. While your FI handles recurring authorizations and requests like a champ, allow business administrators to set transaction limits for their sub users. And with audit reports showing all limit changes, you can rest assured that your FI is in control.  

Account viewing done right

Businesses need easy access to their accounts to view, transact, and propagate sub user access. Enable FI administrators to link multiple deposit accounts or legal entities to a single business household so business owners with multiple subsidiaries can track and monitor all of their accounts from one login. That’s right. No more switching between profiles or managing multiple logins. 

More flexible, more customizable

FIs need flexibility to adapt to unique business needs without the headache of mass customization. We give you the power to seamlessly manage your business users’ experience across their growth journey – from micro business to small business all the way up to a global corporation. Business employees can register themselves through self-enrollment to access accounts, log in immediately after registration, and view details about the package they are assigned.