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An Overview of Transaction Data Cleansing for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions have a wealth of rich data that can be the key to remain competitive, grow revenue, and provide unparalleled service. Institutions are now evolving their understanding of data as a strategic asset.  The relevant insights that live deep in transaction and payment data should be the foundation of the data strategy. This data […]

Establish your data strategy with Transaction Data Cleansing

The essentials to enhance user experience, data science & modeling, and marketing automation If you handle data for a bank or credit union, you probably already know deciphering merchant names in your account holders’ transactions can be a time-consuming task. The cryptic merchant names on transactions seem deliberately vague, don’t they? Would you guess that […]

How Financial Institutions Can Get The Most Out Of Their Data

Leveraging transaction data cleansing to derive actionable insights In a recent conversation with clients, the Alkami Data & Marketing Solutions team, including Zee Gauba, Director of Client Success and Kent Blacksher, Sr. Business Development Executive, discussed ways that FIs can access relevant data insights, keep data secure, and use data to be adaptable and efficient. […]

Data & Marketing Solutions

Marketing for financial institutions

DATA & MARKETING SOLUTIONS* Marketing for financial institutions made easy Accelerate your growth with financial services marketing automation, transaction data cleansing, and artificial intelligence in banking. Give it a try *Previously known as Segmint Personalized banking with real-time data Marketing for financial institutions drives revenue and growth by leveraging actionable insights to make data-driven decisions, […]

Alkami Data Insights

Alkami Data Insights Insights that fuel every strategy Let’s do it From Complex To Clean Transaction data cleansing is a critical tool that allows financial institutions to better understand customer transaction behavior and model spend patterns. The content of merchant payment transactions is often cryptic and non-descript, making it difficult to use for data modeling, […]

Transaction Data Cleansing

Transaction Data Cleansing

Transaction Data Cleansing Unlock the power of cleansed data Transaction data cleansing is a critical tool that allows financial institutions to better understand behaviors and model spend patterns through customer transaction analysis. Let’s do it Clean data with human-supervised AI Here’s how we clean your transaction data accurately and fast. Alkami’s team of advanced-degreed library […]

Share of wallet

Making the use case actionable   Boost Interchange Income Leverage data to target account holders with messaging on the benefits to increasing swipes, and benefit from the additional interchange each transaction generates. Boost Lending Identify opportunities to cross-sell the right loan or line of credit based on each account holder’’s product mix with your FI […]

Leverage Transaction Data to Deliver the Personalization Consumers Expect

In today’s financial landscape, there is an unfortunate mismatch between what consumers expect financial institutions (FIs) to know about them and what FIs actually know. The power of the consumer is increasing. They have near-limitless access to information, an ever-growing choice of products and services, and a wealth of opportunities to share their experiences and […]

Merchant payment cleansing

Making the use case actionable   AI & Chatbots The more accurate your data is tagged and categorized, the faster your artificial intelligence and chatbot investments can respond to requests. Data Science & Modeling Stop wasting time cleaning and standardizing your data. Leverage a proven and robust taxonomy and enhance your transaction data with most […]

Recurring payments

Making the use case actionable Identify and incentivize Identify ideal account cardholders using their card for recurring payments and incentivize other account holders to mimic this behavior to increase your overall card interchange revenue. Understand account holders’ financial health Assess the financial health of your account holders through one path in their financial journey by […]