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Using Artificial Intelligence in Banking to Maximize Retention & Growth

Financial services marketers are always in search of the best ways to target and engage their account holders effectively. One increasingly popular approach is utilizing artificial intelligence in banking, such as artificial intelligence (AI) predictive models, which provide banks and credit unions a flexible method for identifying and connecting with their target audience.  With AI […]

Tactics to Attract and Retain Gen Z as Account Holders

Constantly connected and user experience-obsessed, Generation Z (Gen Z) will soon represent the largest pool of account holders that banks and credit unions will serve over the next decade. What is the best way to attract and retain Gen Z account holders? It’s a hot topic today in financial institutions worldwide. It’s all about using […]

3 Creative Ways to Use Data for Personalized Financial Services Marketing

One of the top strategic priorities for financial institutions in 2024 is improved data and analytics capabilities. But this doesn’t only mean better reporting. For financial services marketing, this means using data to get the right message to the right person at the right time.  Nailing your financial services marketing messaging has never been more […]

3 Tips for Using Data-Driven Technology for Marketing for Financial Institutions


2024 is already shaping up to be another challenging year for marketing for financial institutions. Not only do marketers need to bring in new depositors, but they also need to engage and maintain the account holder base they already have. If you’re thinking about incorporating data into your marketing strategy in 2024, consider these top tips […]

Finding the Right Financial Services Marketing Automation Solution

Financial services marketing automation can be the solution to financial marketers’ typical pain points. Marketing automation purpose-built for financial institutions not only provides easy access to the data marketers need, but it also helps manage compliance. By surveying a group of financial marketers, Alkami found the top four common challenges for marketing today.  1. Frequent List […]

What Transaction Enrichment Reveals About Consumers’ Investment Behaviors

As with many industries segueing into 2024, financial institutions can benefit from exploring the wealth building trends of past years as predictors for future performance. To this end, we’re taking a closer look at Alkami’s Telemetry Data, following our transaction enrichment process, from 2022-2023 to shed light on the banking industry and what might be […]

Improve Revenue Generation with Engaging Holiday Campaigns

There is no one perfect time of year for financial marketers to craft relevant and timely campaigns to account holders – but if there were one, the holiday season would be it! An offer for a personal loan to make the holidays brighter, a balance-transfer credit card to pay down debt, or a home equity […]

The Many Hats of a Bank Marketer: 5 Tips to Stay Focused

Alkami Appoints Deep Varma as Chief Technology Officer

Marketers play a pivotal role in the intricate operational framework of their financial institutions (FIs), far surpassing the outdated image of mere event organizers or creators of traditional advertising material. Their responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of activities including customer service, strategic planning, budget management, advertising, content creation, social media engagement, event coordination, return on […]