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EDI Translation

Simplify the application of ACH payments

Make translating complex B2B payment remittance simple

Provide translation and reporting for the complex B2B payment remittance data your treasury management clients receive. Our EDI Translation solution interprets and renders Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) payment details contained in ACH addenda records into usable posting formats, including 820 (payment orders), 835 (healthcare payments), PPD+ SSA (Social Security Administration), and Free Form addenda. The solution provides multiple data export format options, so your treasury management and other clients can quickly apply payments to their accounts receivable systems.

Self-service coupled with an outstanding user experience

Improve your account holders’ experience and help them timely and accurately process and post payment-related details with Alkami’s EDI Translation solution. As their trusted financial institution (FI), you can provide real-time alerts when transactions containing EDI addenda are received and provide automatic translation of the data in multiple human and machine readable export options.

Real-time alerts and automatic translation for EDI transactions received

EDI is the computer-to-computer exchange of business payment information in a standard electronic format between business partners. While there are many benefits to this electronic communication, there are also challenges. The payment details in these transactions can be complex and difficult for the receiver to interpret and act upon. In many cases, the business is left on its own to find a third-party solution to translate the information.

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