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ACH Returns & Notifications of Change (NOCs)

Manage & communicate ACH returns and ACH NOCs

Eliminate manual processes for your financial institution like faxing or emailing originators, while also modernizing your delivery of ACH return and ACH NOC with an automated and seamless platform.

That was easy

Provide timely, structured information to your ACH originators when outbound transactions are returned or submitted with incorrect or outdated information, and eliminate the manual back office process of communicating these critical details.

Knowing is half the battle

If an ACH transaction is returned by the Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI), the originator needs to quickly know why to correct the transaction and collect funds owed to them or re-send the payment. For ACH transactions where NOCs are received, the originator will have all the details at their fingertips to make the necessary changes prior to originating another transaction as required by Nacha rules.

Actionable alerts + self-service tools = perfect complement

Our ACH Returns & NOCs solution provides actionable alerts to inform your originators of this activity when it occurs, and allows them to view, search, and export the details into a PDF, CSV, or even a Nacha file. This self-service tool provides business account holders with 365 days of history and enables your back office to monitor whether or not the originators are reviewing and acting on the information received.

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