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Enhancing Banking Efficiency and Security

Enhancing Banking Efficiency and Security: The Benefits of Kennebec Savings Bank’s Partnership with Alkami

Jess Norton and Amy Driscoll from Kennebec Savings Bank share their experiences following the bank’s transition to the Alkami digital banking platform in October 2022.

Kennebec Bank’s motivations for choosing Alkami were the platform’s flexibility, agility, strength, and comprehensive integration capabilities.

These qualities were essential to stay competitive with larger banks and improve customer service. Notable advantages include streamlined addition of features like wire transfers, ACH origination, merchant services, and positive pay, alongside an accelerated feature request implementation.

Customers have responded well to the user-friendly interface. Noteworthy security aspects like check and ACH positive pay have been instrumental in preventing fraudulent activities, including a significant compromised ACH file worth $500,000.

Future plans involve crafting more tailored and individualized customer experiences.

Key Topics

Reasons for Choosing Alkami:

Need for a versatile, agile, strong, and integrated solution to match larger banks and elevate customer service.

Observed Advantages:

Simplified feature integration, quick updates, and favorable customer reactions to the easy-to-use interface.

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