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Alkami’s Commitment to Becoming a Better Partner for our Client Community

Arkansas Federal Credit Union

Stacy Starks, SVP of business initiatives and digital services at Arkansas Federal Credit Union (AFCU), shares insights into their partnership with Alkami and their experience leveraging the digital banking platform. Since joining Alkami’s client community in 2021, Stacy and the AFCU team appreciates the mutual respect and effective communication that define their partnership and collaboration with Alkami. Notably, AFCU attended Alkami’s client conference, Alkami Co:lab, as a prospect and was impressed by Alkami’s transparency about its organizational challenges and how they actively seek client feedback to improve and become a better partner for their clients. 

At their 2023 conference, Alkami demonstrated this commitment through a “client journey wall,” where financial institutions could share feedback on their experiences throughout the different stages of the client journey. The AFCU team was impressed by how Alkami effectively gathered their client feedback, analyzed the results, created an action plan, communicated ongoing changes, and remained dedicated to next steps – exemplifying a partnership grounded in accountability and continuous improvement.

To summarize three key takeaways from Alkami’s conversation with Stacy from AFCU, the partnership highlights would include:

  1. Mutual Respect and Listening:
    • The relationship between AFCU and Alkami is characterized by mutual respect and a strong commitment to listening to each other. This partnership approach supports AFCU in addressing any challenges or concerns and working collaboratively towards solutions.
  2. Transparency and Accountability:
    • Alkami’s transparency, even about its shortcomings, and its method of openly discussing what they are working on to improve and how they hold themselves accountable, sets a standard for what AFCU values in a partner.
  3. Continuous Communication and Improvement:
    • Alkami’s practice of continuous communication about what they are doing and planning next demonstrates their dedication to improvement based on client feedback. This ongoing dialogue ensures that all parties are aligned and informed about developments and enhancements.


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