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Leveraging Digital Banking Solutions to Power Institutional Growth

Idaho Central Credit Union has partnered with Alkami for the last seven years to deliver their members exceptional digital banking solutions. Over the years, Alkami and Idaho Central have built strong partnerships with various teams across the Alkami organization. With our recent investments pertaining to our client journey wall initiative from Alkami Co:lab 2023, Idaho Central has noted Alkami’s improvements in release quality which, in turn, have reduced the number of support tickets submitted by the financial institution and any related operational burdens. 

Alkami’s reliability and uptime have been pivotal in supporting Idaho Central’s growth; enabling the credit union to offer essential features and services that meet member needs. Alkami has been a proponent of Idaho Central achieving their strategic goals, data utilization and digital acceleration, particularly as the credit union aims to cater to account holders who may not be able to visit a physical location.


“We love that the closest branch is in your pocket.”

Jennifer Thompson, Digital Experience Product Owner, Idaho Central Credit Union

As they plan for the future, Idaho Central looks forward to utilizing Alkami’s financial services marketing automation for personalized banking experiences and leveraging Alkami’s digital banking solutions for self-service capabilities, which are essential for serving a broader member base, including those in remote Idaho areas. By prioritizing ease of use, Idaho Central is driving member engagement with some of their most used features, like transfers, bill pay, Zelle, SavvyMoney credit score, and the card management widget. 

When measuring success, Idaho Central tracks performance by the overall penetration of enrolled and active online banking users compared to total membership, as well as the utilization rates of specific features. This underlines the importance of digital banking solutions that enhance the member experience and encourage product adoption via a data-driven approach.

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