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Protect Business Accounts with Positive Pay

Fight against check and ACH fraud while generating significant revenue.
The Problem

Financial institutions and their business accounts are targeted by sophisticated fraudsters attempting to exploit weaknesses in their systems to commit check and ACH fraud. To combat this growing threat, business account holders are turning to their financial institution to provide comprehensive treasury management solutions to aid in the early detection of fraud. Businesses are searching for technology to help them identify:

  • Altered, washed and fraudulent checks
  • Unauthorized ACH transactions
  • Cyberattacks targeting ACH transfers
  • Accidental errors in payment details that lead to payment discrepancies

The Solution

Alkami’s Positive Pay for Check & ACH provides a proactive and robust defense against fraud and payment discrepancies, ensuring that businesses can safely and securely conduct their financial operations without falling victim to unauthorized transactions or financial scams. By deploying our solution, banks and credit unions can stay one step ahead of fraudsters, maintain regulatory compliance, and provide your commercial accounts with enhanced protection against unauthorized transactions. You can also leverage Positive Pay to protect the financial institution’s accounts.

This solution not only protects your financial institution and business accounts from fraud, but also presents opportunities for revenue generation and growth. By positioning yourself as a reliable and secure financial institution, you can attract and retain commercial, government, and not-for-profit accounts, increase deposits, generate fee-based income, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Making the use case actionable

Easily integrate with your preferred digital banking platform

Reduce integration complexity with Alkami’s core and digital banking-agnostic Positive Pay Solutions.

Generate fee-based income

Acquire a new revenue stream for your institution by offering Check and ACH Positive Pay as a fee-based service for commercial and corporate account holders willing to invest in advanced security and peace of mind.

Improve accuracy and efficiency

Help businesses avoid accidental errors in payment amounts or recipients, which could lead to financial losses and reconciliation challenges.

Detect and respond in a timely manner

Allow businesses to act quickly when fraud is attempted or when discrepancies arise in payments. This timely response helps prevent further losses and minimizes the impact of fraudulent activities.

Enhance financial security

Businesses gain confidence that their payment processes are fortified against fraudulent attempts, which can lead to improved account holder retention.

Increase commercial deposits

Acquire larger commercial accounts and deposits by offering competitive Treasury Management Solutions.

Treasury Management Solutions

Equip yourself with a core and digital banking-agnostic treasury management solution that spans ACH Positive Pay, Check Positive Pay, ACH Returns and Notifications of Change, EDI Translation, and Transaction Origination Security. Easily enroll business, commercial, and corporate users and protect your organization and commercial account holders from fraud.

Business Banking

Built with business owners and bankers to disrupt the traditional, complex user experience for the better and drive ROI from digital banking. Help business, commercial, and corporate account holders in every stage of their financial journey with comprehensive payment solutions, seamless sub user management, and actionable reporting all built into a secure and scalable platform.

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