Alkami business banking demo screen capture for tablet and phone app

Business banking

Businesses are more loyal to banks and credit unions that help them efficiently manage their finances in a simple way. We’ve designed and refined the Alkami Platform’s business banking offerings directly with FIs and businesses of all sizes to enable them to do more in less time. The Platform’s payments, reporting features, and highly rated UX were built to help you and your business users improve control, efficiency, and data-driven insights that drive customer loyalty.

Streamline your back office and position for growth.

Our deep integrations to your core and other processing systems eliminate manual back office tasks, allowing our clients to focus on adding value for their business customers.


The Alkami Platform facilitates same-day ACH originations, industry-leading four-click ACH pass thru, international and domestic wires, and deeply integrated bill pay with centralized sub-user entitlements.


Custom report generation tools provide your business clients with the ability to create new reports on their payment and transaction history. With rich dashboard visualizations and advanced exporting tools, reports from the Alkami Platform can yield new insights for users, granting them more business intelligence with less time searching for answers.

Automated billing

With the Alkami Platform, manual billing, creating batch data files, and costly billing errors are a thing of the past. With a single Platform to originate billable transactions and automatically manage them, businesses experience zero billing errors. With real-time account analysis, FIs can be assured their account analysis billing counters are always up to date.

Price list billing

Take the guesswork out of your client billing process. The Platform monitors business user activity and allows FIs to create price lists and generate billing files that can be directly processed by their core to initiate quick and accurate fee entries.


Help all business types meet their unique needs with integrations that mitigate risk, allow remote deposits, and deliver a real-time check positive pay experience. The Alkami Platform empowers our clients and partners to extend functionality to enhance user experience, improve business processes, and ensure a future-proof Platform for businesses.

Experience the gold standard in digital banking.