Payment Fraud Prevention

Detect fraudulent checks

A digital banking platform built to defend

You need a holistic security strategy to defend against tech-savvy fraudsters. Because the question is not “if fraud will occur,” but “when.” As payment fraud attempts continue their upward trajectory, financial institutions (FIs) must focus on providing payment fraud prevention tools and information reporting to protect businesses and help easily and efficiently identify fraudulent transactions.

With limited time to take action, business owners cannot afford to wait for in-person service at the branch or continue to hold for “the next available representative”. Instead, they expect the same ease of use they experience when managing their personal finances digitally. Protect your FI from all sides with a future-proofed security strategy dedicated to preserving the integrity of your brand.


Monitor fraud, digitally

Make stopping fraud and meeting Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) compliance objectives easier than ever. Notify originating businesses within seconds when transaction anomalies are detected.

Provide more layers of security and safety for your business users and FI to prevent ACH credit origination losses that result from account takeover or unauthorized transaction changes.

Automatically verify users

FIs need to provide businesses with the ability to conduct quick, convenient transactions. Empower business owners to secure their operations through authenticating business users with push notifications sent to users’ mobile devices.  

ACH Positive Pay

Monitor ACH debits and credits

Give account holders control to protect their business with intuitive front end and back end treasury management solutions that generate significant return on investment for your FI.

ACH Positive Pay triggers actionable alerts to help users stop unauthorized ACH payments in real time. Users can automatically populate an ACH filter for future transactions, eliminating the need to maintain ACH blocks and legacy, labor-intensive ACH filters.

We make returning unauthorized ACH transactions a simple, low-cost, no risk proposition for Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFIs) with pre-populated Written Statements of Unauthorized Debit, completely automating the exception handling process.

Check Positive Pay

Detect fraudulent checks

Attract business users looking for innovative fraud mitigation with real-time Check Positive Pay. Our solution scrutinizes check information to automatically alert the account holder when exceptions are found to quickly identify valid or fraudulent checks.

We help FIs gain operational efficiencies with our front end and back end exception identification engine for standard, payee, reverse, and block positive pay. Your FI can also improve account reconciliation with check-only, deposit-only, and full statement options.

Hang up on verification friction

Voice Biometric Authentication

Hang up on verification friction

Stop wire fraud in real time with an automated verification process that helps your organization meet FFIEC compliance objectives. Protect outgoing wire transfers with out-of-band responses through interactive voice response and biometric technology. Eliminate the manual intervention of call backs and increase operational efficiencies for a seamless user experience.

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