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Retail Banking

Retail Banking Solution A better digital experience? Bank on it. Account opening, digital cards, 24/7 support, P2P payments, and financial wellness tools all in secure, seamless experience that keeps your account holders engaged. Give it a try Digital Account Opening Transform the onboarding process and accelerate deposit growth with an intuitive solution to open retail […]

The 4 Steps to Build PFI Status

Stemming the tide of deposit leakage. A healthy deposit inflow is the foundation of financial institutions. It provides the funding that financial institutions need to make loans, invest in securities, and provide other financial services. Without it, financial institutions can face declining liquidity and an eroding capital base, not to mention reputational damage, which exacerbates […]

How Banks and Credit Unions Can Attract and Retain Gen Z

Financial technology and marketing tactics tailored for a new generation of account holders It’s becoming clear to marketers that Generation Z (Gen Z) is much different than their predecessors. Marketing tactics that worked with their older siblings and parents may fall flat with this new generation. And, it’s vital to get it right. This elusive […]

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Digital Banking Provider

Today’s best digital banking vendors will provide a full platform built for digital sales and service. Jump To:  Digital Banking Excellence List   |  Steps For Selecting A Provider  Today, it’s not a question of whether to offer digital banking to account holders. It’s about what digital banking can accomplish. The features, the functionality. How […]

Demystifying Extensibility: Open Banking, BaaS and Embedded Finance

Jump To:   Open Banking  |  Banking as a Service (BaaS)  |  Embedded Finance There are many terms used in the market to describe the vast connectivity and extensibility in the world of digital banking and financial services, including: Open Banking, Banking as a Service (BaaS), and Embedded Finance – just to name a few.  […]

The Best Moments of our Retail Banking Sessions at Alkami Co:lab

Highlights you won’t want to miss about Alkami’s digital banking solutions That’s a wrap for Alkami Co:lab 2023! In case you missed any of the conversations held by the retail banking team, we’re here to give you the inside scoop. Let’s start with a strong foundation, the Alkami Platform. 5 Facets of a Powerful Digital […]

Increase Digital Banking Engagement Through Credit Data

In crafting pre-qualified and pre-approved offers, financial institutions (FIs) must analyze an abundance of data, from sorting through third-party vendors’ lists, to screening credit reports to determine which account holders are good prospects for a given offer. Future-focused FIs are opening up new revenue possibilities by using deep data insights to customize these offers to […]

With the Rise of Faster Payments, FIs Need to Get Better at Money Movement

It’s been just over five years since the American financial system joined the real-time payment (RTP) revolution that started in Europe. Mega banks in particular have processed increasingly large volumes of instant payments for personal and business accounts since the Clearing House launched its RTP® in late 2017. With the promise of a second national […]

Online Bill Pay Adoption

Making the use case actionable Segment your user base by their likelihood to pay their bills online. Educate account holders about the benefits of using your online bill payment solution. Combine other KLIs from transaction data to encourage usage of online bill pay for common categories like utilities, cell phone, cable, and internet. Create an […]

Lending Products

Making the use case actionable   Clients who have made large payments to a lending product may have had a recent change in their financial situation. Offer a consultation with a personal banker to help these account holders decide if your other financial products may better suit their current situation. A large payment to an […]