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Protect Business Accounts with Positive Pay

Making the use case actionable   Easily integrate with your preferred digital banking platform Reduce integration complexity with Alkami’s core and digital banking-agnostic Positive Pay Solutions. Generate fee-based income Acquire a new revenue stream for your institution by offering Check and ACH Positive Pay as a fee-based service for commercial and corporate account holders willing […]

Infographic: 10 Features Small Business Owners Want from their Digital Banking Platform

Infographic: 10 Features Small Business Owners Want from their Digital Banking Platform

Alkami’s primary market research surveyed 400 small businesses in the U.S. We discovered what mattered most to small businesses when it came to their digital banking technology. Winning with small businesses means a seamless, and fast, online experience from the start. Small businesses today want to do everything instantly and digitally. This includes setting up […]

How to Get Started with Business Banking

Jump to: Top 6 Business Banking Features Every day we speak with community banks and credit unions looking to determine whether business banking is a viable option for them. Many don’t know where to start, how to integrate new business tools with their current technology, what sort of questions to ask a prospective provider, if […]

Driving Business Banking Growth

Making the use case actionable Provide a seamless experience with one platform for retail and business Users can quickly navigate between accounts, saving time and improving efficiency. Stand up non-interest income Utilize automated billing to improve back office efficiency and grow annual revenue by automatically charging for billing events. Prioritize personalization Create personalized experiences by […]

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Digital Banking Provider

Today’s best digital banking vendors will provide a full platform built for digital sales and service. Jump To:  Digital Banking Excellence List   |  Steps For Selecting A Provider  Today, it’s not a question of whether to offer digital banking to account holders. It’s about what digital banking can accomplish. The features, the functionality. How […]

The Best Moments of our Business Banking Sessions at Alkami Co:lab

Highlights you won’t want to miss about Alkami’s digital banking solutions That’s a wrap for Alkami Co:lab 2023! Now let’s recap what the brightest minds in banking and fintech heard in our business banking track where we explored innovative digital banking solutions designed to boost business portfolios with growth solutions. Positioning Your Financial Institution for […]

With the Rise of Faster Payments, FIs Need to Get Better at Money Movement

It’s been just over five years since the American financial system joined the real-time payment (RTP) revolution that started in Europe. Mega banks in particular have processed increasingly large volumes of instant payments for personal and business accounts since the Clearing House launched its RTP® in late 2017. With the promise of a second national […]

5 Business Banking Trends to Watch in 2023

The digital banking landscape is in a constant state of change. As we enter the new year, financial institutions (FIs) are preparing for a range of anticipated changes and trends that will impact the way they operate. Here are five key trends worth noting in the business banking world in 2023: 1. Increased adoption of […]

Unlocking the primary financial institution relationship via the deposit account

Compete at scale with an all-in-one account opening platform For many, your website is the first impression someone has with your financial institution (FI) and should preview how the rest of their banking journey will be: an intuitive user experience powered by data. So if a prospective user is met with friction and cannot easily […]