Card Experience

Achieve top of wallet status

Instant appreciation

In today’s environment, instant isn’t a benefit. It’s an expectation. So when cardholders face friction with a new card or receive unexpectedly declined transactions, they are left more than a little frustrated.

By providing a wide breadth of coverage for different cores, card processors, fintechs, and card networks, Alkami is putting “instant” back into card experience.

Goodbye plastic, hello digital wallet

Everyone loves seamless solutions. In the age of immediacy, consumers and businesses expect efficient onboarding for debit and credit cards where they can quickly add newly approved cards to their digital wallet of choice with a click of a button. 

With push provisioning, the need to manually enter information is completely eliminated. Elevate the user experience by empowering users to add newly issued cards to their Apple and Google Pay; and instantly begin transacting at e-commerce sites and tap-to-pay points of sale.

A new look to card management

Within the mobile banking app, cardholders will have direct access to controls for card usage & authorizations, and receive real-time alerts on transactions.

When you’re able to deliver self-service benefits like this, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see an increase in card usage and digital wallet adoption. In fact, you should expect it.

Time for an update

We’ve all had to replace a credit card at some point in our lives. Remember how painful it was to update your default payment method at e-commerce sites? The best way to ensure cardholder satisfaction is to create a frictionless, digital journey.

Enable users to seamlessly update their saved card on file wherever they shop and pay online. The benefit? You’ll see an increase in transaction volume, derive insights, deepen user loyalty, and gain more share of wallet. You win. Cardholders win. Everyone wins.