Retail Banking Solutions

Win the Primary Banking Relationship

Delight consumers by giving them the retail banking solutions they want and need with a best-in-class user experience. Empower account holders to seamlessly open new accounts, manage cards, access 24/7 support, and leverage financial wellness tools with a comprehensive digital banking solution.

Account holders want a single digital experience for all of their consumer banking solutions – from paying a bill to depositing a check on their phone.
Retail banking solutions that exceed consumer expectations empower digital banking users to seamlessly make transfers and view transaction activities.

Supporting the Future Generations of Consumers

As banks and credit unions plan for the future, financial institutions must concentrate on understanding the needs of the largest growing segment of account holders – Millennials and Gen Z. These generations have heightened expectations for what technology they need and will choose their financial institution based on the user experience.
$ 0 T
of intergenerational wealth will be passed down from older Americans over the next ten years
Source: The New York Times, 2023
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of Gen Zs & Millennials have had such a bad digital experience with a financial provider that they opened a new account with another
Source: Alkami, 2022

Exceeding Expectations With Retail Banking Solutions

Consumers are accustomed to seamless experiences in their daily lives, they need retail banking solutions that deliver immediacy and convenience.

Personalized User Experience

Consumers are accustomed to seamless experiences from streaming platforms to food delivery, so why should consumer banking be any different? These expectations put pressure on financial institutions to introduce a personalized user experience that anticipates needs and offers the innovative fintech solutions today’s consumers desire.

Delight account holders with a digital banking experience that anticipates their needs and delivers personalization at scale.

Digital Sales & Service Platform

At Alkami, we believe that banks and credit unions are in the best position to capitalize on this market opportunity and support these account holders. We are committed to empowering financial institutions with a digital sales and service platform that drives revenue and enables our clients to grow at scale. 

Empower account holders to discover insights into their complete financial picture with credit score and home value tracking.

The Pathway to PFI

According to our 2023 primary research, more Alkami end users are completely satisfied with their digital banking experience than those of megabanks and other RCFIs. The more satisfied consumers are with their retail banking solution, the more likely they are to adopt other institutional products.
Retail banking solutions that are built to fight fraud, accelerate product adoption, and empower self-service.

Catalyst for Growth

With Alkami’s digital banking solutions, financial institutions can grow banking relationships, deliver personalized cross-sell offers, protect accounts, leverage actionable insights to inform business strategies, and differentiate their digital banking experience through our strategic partner ecosystem. 

Hear from our remarkable clients

Discover how banks and credit unions across the nation have leveraged Alkami’s retail banking solutions to achieve growth objectives, drive user engagement, and deepen banking relationships with consumers.

Retail Banking Solutions

Digital Account Opening

Streamline the deposit account origination process.

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Card Experience

Offer self-service card management and digital cards.

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Customer Support

Deliver 24/7 personalized support across every channel.

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Financial Wellness

Foster financial literacy with actionable advice and tools.

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Data & Marketing

Activate data to deliver the right offer at the right time.

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Money Movement

Drive engagement and revenue with a centralized payment hub.

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Banking APIs & SDKs

Customize your roadmap with Alkami’s developer tools.

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Security & Fraud Protection

Defend your accounts with a multi-layered security strategy.

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Retail Banking Solutions

Retail Banking Solutions in Action

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