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Marketing Automation vs. MCIF

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Are you still looking for a marketing customer information file, or MCIF, vendor to help you harness the power of your data? If so, it’s great you’re thinking about ways to use technology to enhance the account holder experience … but you could be doing a lot more.

Back when MCIFs were new, they used up-to-the-minute technology to wrangle member data into useful information for financial institutions. It was a huge innovation. But that was a decade or more ago.

Today, an MCIF is a basic starting point. If your goals extend beyond organizing your ecosystem’s data for simple reports into activating data for strategic campaigning, you need Marketing Automation.

For a similar investment to an MCIF solution alone, you can move beyond the MCIF ABCs to something much more actionable that will allow you to create meaningful and relevant campaigns that strengthen relationships with account holders and drive business growth.
If this is new information for you, don’t worry. Here’s a comparison for traditional MCIFs and Segmint’s marketing automation technology using several vital factors.

Segmint’s all-in-one platform integrates core and transaction data analytics with dynamic segmentation for highly personalized marketing campaign management, multichannel message delivery and campaign reporting in one secure solution.


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