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4 Strategies to Simplify Commercial Banking Solutions and Streamline Back-Office Operations

Kristen Bryce

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Alkami

Financial institutions are navigating a complex matrix of challenges and opportunities that come with offering commercial banking solutions. One of the most pressing challenges is the management of complex commercial accounts, which demands a delicate balance between offering comprehensive treasury management solutions and ensuring operational efficiency. 

This issue is further compounded by the intricate back-office operations that often become bottlenecks, hindering the overall efficiency and scalability of your digital banking platform. The digital channel, by design, should serve as the epitome of operational efficiency, seamlessly catering to both large corporations and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). But how can financial institutions overcome these challenges to ensure they are providing the best possible commercial banking experience?


Adapting to the Evolving Expectations of Commercial Accounts

Banks and credit unions find themselves at a crossroads: they cannot effectively serve businesses without also serving the people behind those businesses. This necessity comes into sharper focus against the backdrop of the consumerization of financial services, a trend that has reshaped numerous industries before now. 

Consider the evolution of technology and preferences in the workplace: faster internet speeds demanded by employees accustomed to them at home, the transition from company-issued Blackberrys to personal iPhones, and the pervasive adoption of Google’s office software across millions of organizations. 

These shifts underscore a broader movement where commercial decision-makers and financial institution administrators, having experienced the seamless and intuitive services of giants like Google, Apple, and Amazon, now expect similar frictionless experiences in their professional roles. This expectation is set to intensify as Generation Z, a generation that came of age with the iPhone, is projected to make up 30% of the workforce by 2030, further emphasizing the importance of user experience.


Simplifying and Streamlining Commercial Banking Solutions for the Future

Financial institutions must adapt by embracing innovative strategies that simplify the user experience and management of commercial accounts and streamline back-office operations. Four key strategies emerge as crucial to achieving these objectives, setting the foundation for a more efficient, scalable, and user-friendly commercial banking experience. These strategies include streamlined entitlements and billing, advanced reporting capabilities, enhanced fraud management, and real-time account synching. 

Let’s delve into each of these strategies to better understand how they can transform the commercial banking landscape.

1. Streamlined Entitlements and Billing

Innovative commercial banking solutions streamline entitlement management and billing for commercial accounts. These solutions adopt a more holistic approach, allowing for configurations to be standardized across accounts or customized with ease. The key is in simplification and automation, enabling administrators to quickly set up or modify account details without getting bogged down in tedious processes. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also allows financial institutions to scale their services more effectively.

2. Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Handling financial reporting, especially involving complex Nacha files, has traditionally been a labor-intensive process prone to errors. Industry-leading commercial banking solutions are addressing this challenge head-on, offering advanced reporting capabilities automating the processing and error checking of such files. By significantly reducing manual intervention, financial institutions can ensure more accurate, timely, and efficient reporting, which is crucial for both compliance and customer satisfaction.

3. Enhanced Fraud Management

Fraud management is a critical concern for financial institutions, particularly in the context of inbound and outbound check and automated clearing house (ACH) transactions. Manual methods of managing ACH blocks and filters are inefficient and increase the risk of errors. Positive pay & ACH reporting solutions help financial institutions and commercial accounts detect and prevent fraudulent activities in real-time without the need for extensive manual oversight. This approach not only improves security but also enhances operational efficiency.

4. Real-time Account Synching

The onboarding of business accounts into the digital banking platform has often been a cumbersome process, characterized by delays and inefficiencies. Innovative commercial banking partners leverage real-time account synching. When a new commercial account is opened, these advanced platforms can automatically set up the corresponding digital banking account, streamlining the onboarding process. This capability is a significant step towards making the management of commercial accounts more scalable and user-friendly.


A Unified Digital Banking Platform

The ultimate goal for financial institutions should be the adoption of a unified digital banking platform that seamlessly integrates the management of complex commercial accounts with retail banking solutions. Such a platform would not only offer a superior user experience but also drastically reduce back-office complexities, making the entire digital banking experience more efficient and scalable.

As commercial banking solutions continue to evolve, financial institutions must embrace a digital banking experience addressing the specific challenges of managing complex commercial accounts and simplifying back-office operations. By focusing on streamlined entitlements and billing, advanced reporting, enhanced fraud management, real-time account synchronization, and the adoption of a unified platform, banks and credit unions can significantly improve their operational efficiency, scalability, and customer service, setting a new standard in the commercial banking industry.


Learn more about Alkami’s commercial banking solutions and positive pay & ACH reporting solutions. If you want a deeper exploration of our offerings, schedule a demo with us.

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Kristen Bryce
Kristen Bryce is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Alkami with expertise in commercial banking, treasury management, and security and fraud protection.
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