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A Lifetime Connection with Connexus

In the small town of Stevens Point Wisconsin, winters can be harsh. So when Gabrielle finally found the car she was looking for, the car that would reliably start even on a chilly negative four degree morning, she needed a loan FAST. Connexus Credit Union had been with her since she first opened an account at seven years old, and was well trusted by her father, so she knew she could trust them to help her now. Connexus Credit Union’s mission is to be an institution that will be there for you – for life. Through technology and service they are succeeding in supporting and caring for their members, through all of life’s stages.


We Want to Tell Your Community Story

How has your bank or credit union changed the lives of local businesses or individual account holders? Share your story for a chance to participate in our #AllofLifesMoments campaign. If selected, Alkami and our award-winning creative agency will produce a video of your story.

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