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Day 1 Letter

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Alex Shootman, CEO, Alkami

Today, I am proud to join more than 650 employees who dedicate themselves to expanding financial choice by democratizing digital banking technology. I do so with an admiration for what our Alkamists, our clients, our partners, and our investors have built over the past twelve years—one of the fastest-growing digital banking companies in the country today.

I am eager to contribute my skill and passion in the next phase of our journey. I’ve spent much of my career growing enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies while retaining the spark that makes them special. Along the way, I’ve witnessed the power of innovation to evolve business models, disrupt incumbents, and create categories by solving the most urgent and pervasive business challenges in modern enterprises. And I’ve seen individual customers transform their companies and their careers by leading with vision, persistence, and courage as they championed innovation in the marketplace.

In Alkami, I found a company committed to more than digital banking. I discovered one passionate about digital transformation in the financial services industry. And I recognized within Alkami a spirit to do more, be better, and grow constantly. It’s this essence that defines the company—the alchemy that is shared among employees, clients, and partners alike—that inspired me to want to join the mission.

I embrace the Alkami spirit of continuous learning, innovation, and collaboration that helps our clients and partners realize digital transformation. I look forward to an innovation flywheel that welcomes technology from wherever it may originate. And since culture eats strategy, I will nurture the values that have allowed Alkami to attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

I want to thank Mike Hansen, Stephen Bohanon, and Gary Nelson for creating and building such an extraordinary company. I intend to honor your legacy and build upon the solid foundation you set.

And thank you to the clients, partners, Alkamists, and shareholders who contribute your time, talent, trust, or capital in creating the alchemy that sets this company apart. I now respectfully count myself among you, an Alkamist ready to be part of a company that desires to live a story worth telling.


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