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Meet the FIsionaries™ Winners That Are Shaping the Future of Digital Banking Solutions

Courtney Tyes, PR & Communications Specialist, Marketing


Explore How Leading Financial Institutions Are Bringing Excellence to Digital Banking Solutions

Staying ahead in the financial services space demands ingenuity, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in digital banking solutions. In an industry marked by rapid technological advancements and evolving consumer preferences, financial institutions face the challenge of not just keeping up, but also outpacing the competition. It’s within this dynamic environment that the FIsionaries™ podcast shines as a guiding light for regional and community financial institutions, empowering them to redefine their ecosystem into digital excellence.

However, the podcast offers more than just success stories; it’s a deep dive into the strategies and tactics that catapult institutions to the forefront of digital advancement. Listeners gain access to in-depth discussions covering user experience design, data analytics in banking, fintech partnerships, and organizational culture. By dissecting these crucial elements of digital transformation, the podcast equips institutions with actionable insights to enhance their own strategies and drive sustainable growth. From embracing emerging technologies to fostering a culture of creativity, the podcast serves as a valuable resource for thriving in today’s swiftly evolving environment.

At its essence, the FIsionaries™ podcast, hosted by Jim Marous, a banking and fintech influencer, celebrates excellence and forward-thinking within the financial services sector. Each episode illuminates financial institutions that have distinguished themselves through remarkable achievements in digital transformation. These institutions not only embrace cutting-edge approaches but also demonstrate exceptional leadership and vision in navigating the ever-changing dynamics of the industry.


FIsionaries™ Awards

Presented by Alkami and
FIsionaries™ Podcast Host Jim Marous


The 2024 FIsionaries™ Award winners embody a collective of forward-thinking financial institutions that have showcased exceptional leadership and ingenuity in the domain of digital banking solutions. These visionary organizations have not only embraced but also pioneered transformative changes, including the use of data analytics in banking, establishing new benchmarks for excellence in the financial services industry.

  • cPort Credit Union, headquartered in Portland, Maine, is honored for its steadfast dedication to advanced digital services and community-centric approaches. Prioritizing member experience and fostering a vibrant organizational culture, cPort strengthens its brand while making a meaningful impact within its community. Ashley Simmons, Director of Digital Experience at cPort Credit Union, emphasizes the institution’s commitment to its members, stating, “We value our relationship with our members. If something is a problem for one member, it’s a big deal. It’s all eyes on it. So we use that at the heart of everything we do. It matters to us and I cannot emphasize that enough.”
  • Corning Credit Union, based in Corning, New York, distinguishes itself through its remarkable evolution into one of New York State’s premier credit unions. With strategic vision and innovative practices, Corning Credit Union drives meaningful change and future success in digital transformation. Mark Hufnagel, Senior VP/Chief Information Officer at Corning Credit Union, underscores the institution’s unwavering commitment to its members, stating, “We still exist to serve our members. That’s why we’re here. All that data that we’re working to integrate, those relationships that we’re working to build and the tools we give our team to foster those relationships, how do we take that same stuff and do it digitally?”
  • Unitus Community Credit Union, located in Oregon, garners acclaim for its proactive approach to inclusive financial services, particularly its bilingual initiatives. Enhancing accessibility and fostering meaningful engagement, Unitus positively impacts the lives of its members, setting the standard for inclusive banking practices. Unitus Community Credit Union emphasizes the institution’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity, stating, “We believe, you know, as part of our inspiring service philosophy, that there’s always an escalator. Things are always, you know, that escalator is coming down and we’ve got to constantly be innovating to move up so that we maintain that inspiring service. At the end of the day, any new product or service we offer, we look at it through the lens of it needs to be translated into Spanish as well. So that is just our organizational commitment going forward. The reasons why we exist aren’t changing.”
  • PeoplesChoice Credit Union, originating from Maine, receives recognition for its strategic investment in digital technology and employee development. With a forward-thinking approach, PeoplesChoice optimizes returns and empowers financial well-being through digital solutions. Luke Labbe, Chief Executive Officer at PeoplesChoice CU underscores the institution’s focus on people and technology, stating, “Double down on your people and technology. If you have the right people on board, you’re going to align yourself with the right technology to serve your members. Use data to make decisions, no more decisions from the gut, and make sure you’re measuring the right metrics for success and continue to improve those.”


Continuing the advancement of digital banking solutions

The FIsionaries™ Awards recognize institutions leading the charge in digital transformation and driving meaningful change in the financial services sector. Through insightful conversations and inspiring stories, the FIsionaries™ podcast invites listeners to explore the strategies and success stories of these visionaries, innovators, and trailblazers shaping the future of digital banking solutions—one digital step at a time.

Tune in to the latest episodes of the FIsionaries™ podcast to gain actionable insights from industry leaders and visionaries that are elevating the future of digital banking solutions. Subscribe now to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving financial services landscape!

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