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Celebrating the Women in Tech Who Influenced Alkami

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This Women’s History Month, hear from Alkami’s female leaders as they explore their journeys through the tech industry.

Every March, the United States celebrates Women’s History Month to honor the incredible contributions women made in our society, culture, and history. This commemoration originated in Sonoma, California in the late 1970s as a week-long festivity and grew in popularity across the nation. In the early 1980s, President Carter declared the festivities as National Women’s History Week and the U.S. Congress passed legislation, recognizing the time as a national celebration. With backing by the National Women’s History Project, the resolution was amended to extend the time of remembrance to the entire month of March, becoming the tradition we now know today.
Let’s travel back in time and recognize the female tech leaders who influenced the trajectory of the tech industry. Their contributions do not come without trials and tribulations of the eras in which they lived. As women broke barriers, fought for women’s rights, and challenged the status quo, they continued to face hardships between wage gaps, traditional gender roles, discrimination, and workplace bias.
Regardless of these challenges, female leaders pushed on to create positive change and remarkable new inventions. This year, we are spotlighting a handful of women in history who set the foundation and influenced the technology we use here at Alkami. Without their contributions, as a company and world – we would not be where we are today.

What did these women have in common with our female Alkamists? They pushed onward, excited by the possibilities of technology, and entered a niche field. To celebrate Women’s History Month, we turned inward to speak with our Alkamists. After surveying our female leaders and asking them about their journeys in tech, we are proud to amplify their personal experiences and provide insights for women interested in pursuing a career in fintech.

To our Alkamists – thank you for your honest, authentic responses. We are grateful to have you lead our organization, set the pace of innovation, and shape our company culture. At Alkami, there is a place for everyone who is passionate about digital banking.

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