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Why User Experience (UX) Design is Critical to Online Banking Platform Success

The best digital banking solutions are more than just an aesthetically pleasing design. Of course, the visual appeal is paramount but equally important is the functionality and how all of the pieces seamlessly work together to benefit the end user within an online banking platform. Discover how Alkami uses the system usability scale (SUS) to measure user experience and is able to determine how to improve the user experience without being subjective. This allows us to measure the value of the design as a business metric and track progress with design enhancements.

The two critical aspects of an online banking platform’s user experience are:

  1. To stay focused on the end user’s ability to manage their finances
  2. And, to simplify the way they manage their money. 

When financial institutions are evaluating technology providers and reviewing UX as an aspect of their decision-making process, it’s critical to find a partner who can speak in business terms about UX for decision-makers, financial institution teams, and end users. Translating the value of the design into experiences that drive successful conversions and engagement metrics.

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