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Tennis Players Active Almost All Year

Tennis Players Active Almost All Year

This image shows a chart titled “What is the Spend Trend for Tennis Players?”

What we’re seeing

Tennis is another classic summer activity and a great lifelong game. As with any hobby, tennis enthusiasts have a lot of expenses to stay in the game: club memberships, equipment, athletic wear, league fees and more. Alkami research shows that tennis is nearly a year-around endeavor, with dollars spent throughout the year, showing steady throughout the summer months. The exceptions are a spike in April, when many clubs charge their annual membership dues, and in 4Q, when players put down their rackets to enjoy the holidays.


Takeaway and Call to Action

To continue this month’s theme, transaction data can identify key personas, such as tennis players, to use personalized banking engagements for the right marketing message at the right time.   

Tennis players provide an opportunity for them to be paying their club dues and league fees with the financial institution’s debit or credit – stay top-of-wallet with this audience through a relevant and timely marketing campaign. Alkami Telemetry Data shows that right after the holidays in January is the best time to “serve” this message as tennis players are picking their game back up.

Banks and credit unions should use this persona to their advantage when marketing financial products too. An image of a tennis court and a racket on a home equity line of credit (HELOC) message will help catch this group’s eye.

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