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Tactics to Attract and Retain Gen Z as Account Holders

Constantly connected and user experience-obsessed, Generation Z (Gen Z) will soon represent the largest pool of account holders that banks and credit unions will serve over the next decade. What is the best way to attract and retain Gen Z account holders? It’s a hot topic today in financial institutions worldwide. It’s all about using the right channels, focusing on technology to deliver excellent user experience and using their transactional behavior trends to personalize the experience further.

Watch ‘How to Win Long-Term Relationships with Gen Z Account Holders’ presented by Engage FI and Alkami on-demand anytime. In this exclusive webinar, our panel of experts will explore three tactics on how financial institutions should be reaching, acquiring and growing relationships with this digitally savvy generation that is estimated to have $360 billion in spending power.


  • Virginia Heyburn, Director of Research, Insights and Advocacy, Engage FI
  • Craig Garofalo, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Loan Officer, Kennebec Savings Bank
  • Ty Griffin, Senior Director, UX/UI, Alkami


Webinar Highlights

  • Hear generational insights and research directly from Engage FI and Alkami
  • Discover how Kennebec Savings Bank is connecting with Gen Z 
  • Learn how to reach the younger generations and get creative about giving them reasons to stay loyal

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