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Amusement Park Visits Peak in Summer

Amusement Park Visits Peak in Summer

This image shows a chart titled “What are Amusement Park Monthly Visitor Trends?”

What we’re seeing

This month has seen analysis of camping, day camps, and tennis. This week, the data tour of fun summertime activities ends with a look at amusement parks. The Alkami Research chart shows the number of accounts with amusement park transactions each month in 2023 to identify seasonal trends. To make it easy to compare, the number of accounts is indexed to 100, with 100 equal to the average across the year. 

Not surprisingly, the data shows that amusement park visits peak in July and August. In September, there are half as many accounts with amusement park transactions compared to August. October sees a slight increase over September, likely due to Halloween festivities at the parks. Alkami Research reveals a similar bump in December versus November, also due to the Christmas holiday. 


Takeaway and Call to Action

Financial institutions could consider partnering with a local amusement park to drive debit card usage and top-of-wallet status among the amusement park visitor persona. Imagery of an amusement park with a message to “Get off the financial roller coaster” could help promote a debt consolidation consumer loan. 

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