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The Best Moments of our Data Analytics & Marketing Sessions at Alkami Co:lab

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Highlights you won’t want to miss about Alkami Data & Marketing Solutions

That’s a wrap for Alkami Co:lab 2023! Now let’s recap what the brightest minds in banking and fintech heard in our data analytics and marketing track, where we discussed how to drive digital banking revenue and increase your account holder return on investment (ROI) with Alkami’s Data & Marketing Solutions.

The Alkami Data and Insight Evolution

When Alkami acquired Segmint in 2022, both teams combined forces to create the new Alkami data pillar. In this session, Mark Leher, director, product management at Alkami, and Jason Chilcoat, product manager at Alkami, shared the evolution of data at Alkami – changing stakeholders, growing the data team, curating a forward-looking strategy, and developing innovative products. Alkami’s data pillar is evolving from basic reports to data storytelling. This allows financial institutions (FIs) to gain a stronger understanding of account holders’ goals and how to best support them to achieve those goals.

But activating account holder data within an FI can be complicated. Alkami Data & Marketing Solutions are designed to make it easy.

Data-Driven Growth Fueled by Digital Banking

Now available to Alkami digital banking clients: an easy way to leverage data to power the relevant experiences account holders crave, without hiring a team of data scientists. In this session, Joan Clark, director, product management at Alkami and Jason Chilcoat, product manager at Alkami talked about how our clients drive ROI from their digital banking channel by leveraging actionable insights.

By using insights from transaction data, Alkami clients can drive personalized content within the Alkami digital banking channel. Joan and Jason covered the results from a client who leveraged Alkami Customer Insights & Marketing Automation to create a campaign to cross-sell certificates of deposit (CDs). Within weeks of launching the campaign, the client generated more than $1 million in CDs as a result.

But these aren’t the only client campaign results highlighted at Alkami Co:lab.

Insights You Didn’t Know You Needed to Drive ROI

In this session, Joan Clark, director, product management at Alkami and Rachel O’Neill, senior sales engineer at Alkami, shared how to unlock the revenue opportunities lying dormant in your account holders’ transaction data. They also highlighted the results Alkami clients have achieved with data-driven campaigns in their digital banking environment.

For example, clients can identify account holders operating small businesses out of their consumer checking accounts. Then, they can cross-sell business checking to those account holders. Clients who have run campaigns using these insights have had great success. By running a campaign using these insights, an FI was able to open 46 new business checking accounts for a face value of $5.7 million.

Using data to drive your campaigns may seem intimidating. Luckily, there’s a team of data experts to guide you. 

Client Success: An Extension of Your Marketing Team

The Alkami Client Success team’s goal is to help your data insights work for you. In this session, Alkami’s team of: Zee Gauba, director, client success, Sarah Mealey, senior client success manager, and Bryce Tyrrell, team lead, application support, talked about how the Client Success team can support you to get the highest return on your data investment. From onboarding to performance tracking, the dedicated Client Success Manager is there to help at every point along the way.

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