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Improve Employee and Account Holder Satisfaction with Digital Customer Service

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Deliver Personalized Service in a Digital World

The marketplace is constantly evolving. As we become an increasingly digital world, consumers and businesses alike have come to expect self-service and on-screen servicing options. Delivering an efficient, personalized experience can be challenging for staff if they don’t have the right tools. These evolving expectations have taken a toll on operational processes, customer or member satisfaction, and your workforce. As frustrated staff depart, a vicious cycle continues: Account holders don’t get adequate support, and both user and employee satisfaction decline. 

It has been said that happy employees result in happy account holders. Banks and credit unions that focus on delivering a positive employee experience will realize increased customer or member satisfaction and retention rates. The result is a win-win situation for the organization, employees, and users. 

According to BAI, 63% of millennials would switch their financial institution (FIs) for a better mobile or digital experience. When asked how FIs could improve their digital capabilities, millennials cited 24/7 customer service as their number one request.

Here are three ways that improving your Digital Customer Service (DCS) can impact employee and account holder satisfaction:

  1. Increased efficiency
    Using smart routing, inquiries can be directed to the right specialists the first time, reducing the number of unnecessary transfers and ensuring that users receive the service that they are looking for. Further, arming your representatives with OnScreen collaboration to quickly guide users to a resolution will not only deliver more satisfying outcomes, but will empower them to self-serve in the future.
  2. Reduce repetitive or mundane tasks
    Answering the same questions day-in and day-out can become a drain on your support team. AI-powered self-service delivers instant help 24/7, at the moment of need–without extending service hours or additional staff. Free from repetitive interactions, your representatives are able to focus on high-value interactions with shortened wait times.

    Up to 50% of service inquiries can be resolved without human intervention. Virtual Assistants can help users quickly and easily navigate your digital properties, find pertinent information, access troubleshooting during application flows, and resolve inquiries without any human intervention. When human assistance is required, make sure your system can seamlessly hand-off inquiries to live representatives, including full interaction history.
  3. Context is king: Arm staff with history and insights
    Getting on the same page with users can be half the battle for representatives. Understanding where customers or members are in their digital journey–and where they have been–enables your team to quickly bring users to a resolution. Delivering user history, like chat and phone interactions, immediately puts representatives in the drivers’ seat. Additionally, implementing a true Digital Customer Service platform enables your account holders and employees to move seamlessly from chat to voice to video based upon what is best for the situation. Account holders no longer need to leave the digital experience to dial a phone number and re-explain their inquiry. Rather than breaking the digital connection, the rep simply transitions the user from chat to OnScreen voice or video with CoBrowsing to guide them through their online journey.
Offer Digital Customer Service

In this digital-first world, both your account holders and your employees will appreciate the ability to have a satisfying online experience. Digital Customer Service goes beyond connecting with customers and members to enable a seamless online experience that can streamline engagements and guide them to resolution. Glia’s Digital Customer Service solution, available within Alkami’s digital banking platform, enables a fully digital experience that enables visitors to effortlessly transition between chat, OnScreen voice, and video. Further, OnScreen collaboration tools and virtual assistants provide an experience that empowers both human and AI assistance with seamless transitions. FIs leveraging Glia routinely report that they realize improved handle times, CSAT, and employee satisfaction shortly after implementing Digital Customer Service.

Through Alkami’s Partner Program, we pair the most innovative fintechs in the industry with our forward-thinking clients so they can envision their ideal digital experience and easily scale their operations. Together, we are shaping the future of digital banking with a focus on personalization powered by a robust data set and a seamless user experience from onboarding to customer service and everyday banking activities within online banking. It’s time to reimagine what’s possible.

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