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Customize Your Digital Banking Platform with a Certified System Integrator


As Alkami gears up for our annual conference, Alkami Co:lab, we wanted to introduce you to our innovative technology partners. Powered by our partner program, together we are empowering financial institutions with market-leading solutions that differentiate the digital banking platform. At our event, banks and credit unions will have the opportunity to connect with these exhibitors in the Innovation Lab. To learn more about Co:lab, read the press release here.

For banks and credit unions that are constantly seeking to attract and retain account holders, it can be challenging to deliver a differentiated user experience in such a highly regulated and competitive environment. Leveraging a certified system integrator to customize their digital banking platforms is vital for several reasons, to navigate the ever-evolving business and technology landscape.

  1. System integrators are specialized in implementing and customizing banking software solutions. They are acutely aware of the complexities of financial systems, security protocols, and compliance requirements, ensuring that the digital platform meets industry standards and regulatory guidelines.
  2. Partnering with a certified system integrator greatly reduces the risk of errors and technical glitches during the customization process. These integrators have a proven track record of successful implementations and possess in-depth knowledge of the chosen digital banking platform. Their experience enables them to anticipate challenges, identify potential pitfalls, and implement solutions efficiently. By entrusting the customization to experts, banks and credit unions can minimize downtime, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver a superior user experience to their customers.
  3. Certified system integrators provide comprehensive support to ensure maximum reliability and security of the digital banking platform. In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and cybersecurity threats, having a trusted partner to monitor, update, and optimize the platform is invaluable. Ultimately, by collaborating with a certified system integrator, financial institutions can streamline their digital transformation efforts without having to complete the development work themselves and position themselves for long-term success in the digital era.


Tailoring the Digital Banking Platform Experience

Intersoft is a trusted partner for financial organizations seeking dependable and cost-effective ways to integrate their home-grown applications and optimize their Alkami digital banking platform experience. We deliver innovative and intelligent solutions by leveraging our strong domain capabilities, with expertise in the latest digital technologies, advanced testing services, product engineering,and infrastructure services. In addition, we are a certified Alkami Systems Integration partner and have assisted clients with their unique testing and integration needs. 

We are a mid-size company who specialize in working with clients of all sizes. We offer several engagement models, including project management from inception to delivery, managed services, staff augmentation, managed capture and have established a global capabilities center for some of our clients. Our onsite and offshore teams have successfully executed projects in the digital banking space by building web-based and mobile banking solutions, integrating various banking platforms with custom/homegrown applications, to provide a secure and seamless digital experience.

In addition, the Intersoft UI/UX team has also been involved in designing a customer-friendly user experience for both web-based and mobile applications. With the advent of artificial intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA), and machine learning in recent years, Intersoft is using these innovative capabilities to continue building efficient, cost-effective solutions which enhance the financial institution and end user experience.


Helping Financial Institutions Navigate the Shifting Business Landscape

A Credit Union was looking to migrate from its homegrown system to the Alkami Digital Banking Platform. Intersoft provided a solution to support this migration, including development, testing and help desk support. The Intersoft team was responsible for configuring the solution to map to the client’s functional requirements and in addition, our QA team was responsible for building the test cases and certifying the Alkami releases. To ensure a smooth transition, Intersoft developed over 4,000 test cases that covered all customer scenarios for both individual and corporate accounts, as well as all necessary integrations on web and mobile web platforms. The testing was done through a combination of manual and automation testing using open-source technology to reduce testing costs. By utilizing a follow-the-sun approach, the client was able to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as reduce testing costs. 

In addition, a major Credit Union, utilizing the Alkami platform, found that the cost to operate their help desk was too high and they were receiving negative client feedback. Intersoft was brought into the picture to provide extended support by developing a 24/7 service desk. The role of the service desk was to manage the ITSM queue for new tickets and incoming calls from credit union employees and vendors, ensuring compliance with their operational requirements as defined in the SLAs. Other areas managed by the service desk included the testing of online and mobile banking portals, sending organization-wide notifications and proactively managing the network infrastructure.

Ready to differentiate your digital banking experience? Visit Us at Alkami Co:lab 2024.

We are thrilled to be participating in Alkami Co:lab 2024 and would encourage you to come by our Booth #130 in the Exhibitors Hall. Ralph Liuzzo, Chief Strategy Officer and Sanjay Mehra, Partner, Supply Chain and Logistics, will be available to further discuss our capabilities, including our Enterprise Application Development Solutions, Testing as a Service offering and global delivery model.

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