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How to Minimize Fraud Without Making It More Difficult for Users to Access Digital Banking

Participate in Cybersecurity Awareness Month by adopting a behavioral biometric security solution Save your October scares for Halloween by adopting behavioral biometric solutions that heighten the security of your digital banking platform. Of course, the Alkami Platform includes a goodie bag full of security and fraud protection solutions for banks and credit unions. But to […]

Improve Employee and Account Holder Satisfaction with Digital Customer Service

Deliver Personalized Service in a Digital World The marketplace is constantly evolving. As we become an increasingly digital world, consumers and businesses alike have come to expect self-service and on-screen servicing options. Delivering an efficient, personalized experience can be challenging for staff if they don’t have the right tools. These evolving expectations have taken a […]

How Financial Institutions Can Get The Most Out Of Their Data

Leveraging transaction data cleansing to derive actionable insights In a recent conversation with clients, the Alkami Data & Marketing Solutions team, including Zee Gauba, Director of Client Success and Kent Blacksher, Sr. Business Development Executive, discussed ways that FIs can access relevant data insights, keep data secure, and use data to be adaptable and efficient. […]