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Elevate Fraud Detection and Customer Service with the Help of Data-Driven Customer Insights

In this day and age, most business leaders recognize that their data is among their most valuable assets. For financial institutions, data can provide strategic insights to support a variety of important business functions across their digital banking platform, including fraud detection, marketing and customer service. Recently, Alkami hosted a webinar titled “Defense in Depth” […]

Sophisticated & Evolving Account Takeover Fraud

Account takeover fraud threats are becoming more sophisticated and successful with fraudsters leveraging the most innovative tools and techniques available to diminish the bank or credit unions reputation and steal from businesses and consumers. Hear from Seth Ruden, Director of Global Advisory for BioCatch to better understand how you can apply behavioral biometrics to detect […]

3 Ways to Safeguard Your Account Holders From Identity Theft

Stop fraudsters in their tracks & strengthen institutional loyalty According to Javelin’s 2023 Identity Fraud Study: The Butterfly Effect, identity fraud losses totaled $43 billion in 2022, a 17% decline from 2021. While rates of identity theft may have decreased in the past year, cybercriminals are becoming more creative in their fraud tactics. Financial institutions […]

Security & Fraud Protection

Security & Fraud Protection Always on guard Give it a try Secure their digital banking experience Fraud will always be a concern for financial institutions (FIs), regardless of size. The cost of fraud? Well, there’s the monetary loss, but there’s also the damage to an FI’s reputation. Protect your account holders and ensure a prosperous […]

Make digital transformation as secure as it is successful.

The proliferation of digital banking technology has sparked digital transformation throughout the industry. But with so many connection points and emerging players come cybersecurity risks. Data breaches and fraud are common news stories, and each contributes to heavy, though preventable, losses for financial institutions (FIs). PwC reports $42 billion in losses attributed to fraud between […]

Fighting Fraud with Digital Banking

For banks and credit unions of all sizes, fraud will always be a major concern. As a higher percentage of payments move to real time in the wake of current events, fraud schemes are becoming more sophisticated. Financial institutions (FIs) are in need of holistic security strategies to defend against both existing and emerging threats. […]

The FI’s Guide to Growing Confidently in 2020

We’ve gathered our most sought-after digital banking insights from 2019 to help you get ahead of these developments and stay competitive: A look into what’s next for digital banking  – See what trends future focused-focused banks and credit unions will need to keep an eye on in 2020 What it means to go all in on […]

There’s Nothing to Fear When Digital Banking is Secure

Wrapping up our cybersecurity week on Halloween has us thinking of things that scare our industry most. Among the more frightening things: cybersecurity threats. With 1,253 publicly reported data breaches and 2.1 billion in estimated losses, there are plenty of reasons to lose sleep over phantom hackers and the latest creeping cybersecurity threats. But fear […]