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Winning with Gen Z: Navigating the Future of Digital Banking Solutions

In a world where Generation Z (Gen Z) is becoming increasingly influential, financial institutions are at a critical juncture and must evaluate how digital banking solutions can strengthen relationships with this growing segment of account holders. This demographic, born between 1997 and 2012, is not just large in number but also unique in their needs, […]

Delivering Personalized Banking through Financial Wellness

Almost every digital experience a consumer has in their daily lives is personalized, whether it’s their photos app creating a memory or their streaming service recommending a movie. These interactions are customized and tailored to that individual, making them feel understood. They also develop an expectation for personalization across all digital interactions, including their digital […]

The Importance of Making Consumer Banking Solutions Shine in the Mobile-First Arena

Financial institutions that are pursuing growth and strengthening PFI status must ensure that their consumer banking solutions are in tip-top shape, to compete in the mobile-first arena – with UX standards that have been set impressively high by best-in-class online retailers, heavily funded fintechs, and tech-savvy social networking companies alike. We’re in the midst of […]

Delivering Digital Cards with Consumer Banking Solutions

Elevating the digital banking platform with mobile wallets For everyday purchases, consumers like to shop online – and not just for “nice to have” items. Consumers turn to technology to buy groceries, order pet supplies, pick out new clothes, and schedule appointments, all from their mobile phones. Often when shopping online, consumers no longer need […]

Growing Adoption with Retail Banking Solutions

Florida Credit Union Florida Credit Union selected Alkami’s retail banking solutions as they worked towards their institution’s goals of digital maturation, innovation through third-party fintech partnerships, and data utilization. Florida Credit Union is looking forward to growing their digital presence and the members they serve by delivering a platform that exceeds the needs of members. […]

Achieving Success with On-Demand Resources for Retail Banking Solutions

Centra Credit Union Upon selecting Alkami for their retail banking solutions, Centra Credit Union felt supported throughout their implementation process as they received access to on-demand resources through Alkami University and Midas, Alkami’s client community portal. Within those platforms, the Centra team was able to leverage marketing resources and other support documents like product guides, […]

What Transaction Enrichment Reveals About Consumers’ Investment Behaviors

As with many industries segueing into 2024, financial institutions can benefit from exploring the wealth building trends of past years as predictors for future performance. To this end, we’re taking a closer look at Alkami’s Telemetry Data, following our transaction enrichment process, from 2022-2023 to shed light on the banking industry and what might be […]

How are the Different Generations Investing?

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn What we’re seeing Americans have a wide range of options for opening investment accounts.  Traditional brands, like Schwab and Vanguard have been around since accounts were opened using paper applications and trades were made through brokerage house trading desks–“Desk Native.”  TD Ameritrade and E*Trade launched when consumers were using their desktop computers […]

How are Investors Behaving in the Economy?

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn What we’re seeing In 2023, investors withdrew more money from investment accounts than they did in 2022. However, as noted last week, more dollars were transferred to investment accounts in 2023 and the overall net investment increased. This could be another indication that there is a bifurcation in how different investors are […]