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Valley Strong Credit Union

Get to know Valley Strong Credit Union’s approach to continually enhancing their members’ digital experience with the Alkami Platform.

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What challenges do FIs face with business account opening?

With Har Rai Khalsa and Andrew Hwang Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a huge boom from the gig economy, companies embracing remote work, and people re-evaluating their careers and future. Inspired to start their own businesses, entrepreneurs have limited options to easily open a new business account without in-branch, lengthy application […]

Trustmark National Bank

Trustmark National Bank

Trustmark needed an all-in-one platform to solve legacy payment system challenges which would streamline back end processes, increase adoption, and better protect customers against fraud. They turned to their long-term partner, Alkami ACH Alert, to develop a replacement system for positive pay services using modern, comprehensive technology.  Read our case study to learn more about […]

Business Banking

Business Banking Solution Business banking built with business bankers Reimagine the user experience and never accept “this is the way it has always been done”. By working hand-in-hand with business owners and bankers, Alkami has built our business banking solution to disrupt the traditional, complex user experience for the better.  Give it a try Business […]

How becoming the primary FI for small-business account holders creates a competitive edge

How becoming the primary FI for small-business account holders creates a competitive edge

Many of the nation’s small businesses (SMBs) survived the pandemic in part through digital transformation, and 40 percent have made those changes permanent, according to our recent survey of decision makers at 400 U.S. SMBs. With a significant number of SMBs now using online marketplaces as their primary sales channel and looking at new fintech […]

Alkami Digital Banking Solutions

Alkami Digital Banking Solutions Pairing UX & data to elevate the digital banking journey How about a demo? Confidently grow by winning the digital banking experience A complete digital banking solution. A platform capable of facilitating both retail and business user onboarding, engagement and account servicing. It’s everything users want. And absolutely everything your FI […]

Business Administration

Business Administration Complexity when you want it, simplicity when you need it Let’s do it Put businesses in charge Business owners know the importance of delegating tasks and sharing responsibilities among their team. The Alkami Platform allows business owners to determine the right balance of separation of duties, ensuring work gets done quickly and efficiently, […]


Payments Payments on time, every time Let’s do it Every day efficiencies Expedited ACH origination is part of the norm, not the exception. And that’s just one of the payment channels offered through Alkami. Your valuable business account holders can also expect industry-leading ACH file upload, domestic and international wires including foreign currency, and deeply […]


Receivables Collect payments any way you want Let’s do it Help businesses get paid faster Offer businesses a better way to control sub user permissions and accept funds for broad and deep integrations to leading account receivables systems. Seamlessly enable varying levels of functionality allowing you to support your business clients as they grow.  Fintech […]

Automated Billing

Automated Billing Automate your revenue stream Let’s do it Zero billing errors Managing fees across all of your businesses is time-consuming. Automation significantly reduces the cost associated with complex business billing. With a single platform to originate billable transactions and automatically manage them, financial institutions (FIs) experience zero billing errors. Real-time account analysis ensures everything […]